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  • For the furthur improvement of dancing, A treatis of chorography or ye art of dancing country dances after a new character : in which the figures, steps & manner of performing are describ'd, & ye rules demonstrated in an easie method adapted to the meanest capacity /

    For the furthur improvement of dancing, A treatis of chorogra...

    This is a translation of Raoul-Auger Feuillet's treatise Recueil de contredances mises ... (Paris, 1706), by English dance, dancing master, and writer John Essex. Through the use of diagrams, the manual gives descriptions of floor patterns and motions for the feet and arms, indicates how the dance corresponds to the music, and provides rules for performance of English country dances, known in France as ...

    • Contributor: Feuillet, Raoul Auger - Essex, John - Sold by I. Walsh & P. Randall ... I. Hare ... I. Culen ... & by Ye Author
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1710

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  • Orchesography; or, The art of dancing by characters and demonstrative figures. Wherein the whole art is explain'd; with compleat tables of all steps us'd in dancing, and rules for the motions of the arms, &c. Whereby any person (who understands dancing) may of himself learn all manner of dances.

    Orchesography; or, The art of dancing by characters and demon...

    Originally published in Paris by Raoul-Auger Feuillet under the title Chorégraphie ... (1700), this translation by English dancing master and theoretician John Weaver is dedicated to famed choreographer, Mr. Issac. The manual details a dance notation system that indicates placement of the feet and basic leg movements. Changes of body direction and numerous ornamentations of the legs and arms are also part of the ...

    • Contributor: Feuillet, Raoul Auger - Weaver, John - Isaac - Printed For, & Sold by Ino. Walsh
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1715

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  • The  drawing-room dances

    The drawing-room dances

    Book. print | xii, iv, [5]-149 p. viii pl. (incl. front.) 18 cm. | Illustration on t.-p. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as facsimile page images and full text. (Additional Physical Form). Print (Form). Electronic Resource (Form). Remote (Form).

    • Contributor: E. Churton - Cellarius, Henri
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1847

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