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  • The Star spangled banner a pariotic song

    Notated Music. print | 1 score (2 unnumbered pages) ; 35 cm | [words by Francis Scott Key] ; [music by John Stafford Smith]. (Statement Of Responsibility). For piano with interlinear words; ...

    • Contributor: Printed and Sold at Carr's Music Store, 36 Baltimore Street - Smith, John Stafford - Key, Francis Scott
    • Original Format: Notated Music
    • Date: 1814
  • Defence of Fort M'Henry

    The traditional favorite for first book publication of "The star spangled banner," though three others published that year could make the same claim. This one is accredited as first by most historians. ...

    • Contributor: John Gruber and Daniel May - [Key, Francis Scott]
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1814