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  • Folk-songs of the West and South : Negro cowboy and Spanish Californian

    vocal score | 19 p. ; 35 cm. | De rocks a-renderin' -- Moanin' dove -- The lone prarie -- The hours of grief -- The black face -- Bird dance song. (Content). Songs 1 and 2 "recorded" by Alice Haskell, 3 by Henry. F. Gilbert, 4-6 by Chas. F. Lummis. (General). "Volume IV [Spring Quarter - Part I] No. 27. Harmonized by Arthur ...

    • Contributor: Wa Wan Press - Farwell, Arthur - Haskell, Alice - Gilbert, Henry F. (Henry Franklin Belknap) - Lummis, Charles Fletcher
    • Original Format: Notated Music - Books
    • Date: 1905

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  • Adams and liberty

    "Adams and liberty" is written to the tune of the Anacreontic song, and this is believed to be the first American book publication of the music of that song. Published in "The American musical miscellany," pages 211-218. Author was christened Thomas Paine, and changed his name after the piece was published.

    • Contributor: A. Wright, for D. Wright and Company - [Smith, John Stafford?] - [Paine Jr., Robert Treat]
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1798

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