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  • [Contredanses; description des figures, plan des figures]

    Book. print | 5 v. : ill., music ; 21-22 cm. | LC v. 1 has spine title: Les plaisirs de l'Arquebuse; v. 2 has spine title: Recueil de danses. LC v. 4 not available at time of cataloging. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as facsimile page images. (Additional Physical Form). Print (Form). Electronic Resource (Form). Remote (Form).

    • Original Format: Books - Collection
    • Date: 17??

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  • Recueil de dances,

    With his Chorégraphie, ou L'art de décrire la dance par caractères ... Paris, 1713. Engraved throughout. Full-page diagrams; at head of each diagram, the tune for the dance figure is represented. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as facsimile page images.

    • Contributor: Feuillet, Raoul Auger - L'Auteur
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1709

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  • La danse ancienne et moderne, ou Traité historique de la danse.

    This three-volume work on dance history describes dance from its origins through the court fêtes of Louis XIV. Volume one stresses the importance of studying the theories of all the arts and covers the dance history of numerous ancient civilizations including Greek, Roman, Turkish, and Egyptian. Volume two describes the renaissance of the arts and the origins of ballet to 1610. Volume three focuses ...

    • Contributor: Cahusac, Louis De - Chez J. Neaulme
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1754

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  • Recüeil de contredances mises en chorégraphie, d'une maniére si aisée, que toutes personnes peuvent facilement les apprendre, sans le secours d'aucun maître et même sans avoir en aucune connoissance de la chorégraphie.

    This is the first manual to be published in France that describes English country dances. Called contredanses (also spelled contredance) in France. The manual describes motions for the feet and arms, how the dance corresponds to the music, and rules for performance. Additionally, floor plans and music for ten dances are given. Feuillet also suggests appropriate steps. Performed as a series of figures by ...

    • Contributor: Feuillet, Raoul Auger - L'Auteur
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1706

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  • Chorégraphie, ou L'art de décrire la dance par caracteres, figures et signes desmonstratifs, avec lesquels on apprend facilement de soy même toutes sortes de dances.

    Originally published in 1700, this manual details a dance notation system that indicates the placement of the feet and six basic leg movements: plié, releveé, sauté, cabriole, tombé, and glissé. Changes of body direction and numerous ornamentations of the legs and arms are also part of the system. The system is based on tract drawings that trace the pattern of the dance. Additionaly, bar ...

    • Contributor: Feuillet, Raoul Auger - Dezais, Jacques - Chez Le Sr Dezais
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1713

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  • 15e.[-30e.] recueil des contre-danses et walzes

    Book. print | 1 score (30[?] v.) ; 19 cm. | Principally for 2 violins. Title from t.p. of recueil 15 (the number is in ms. on the engraved t.p.). Recueil 28 has variant publisher statement: Chez Frere père. Each vol. of 45 p. contains several contre-danses, each accompanied by dance instructions, followed by several waltzes and (in most vols.) other dances. Pl. no.: ...

    • Contributor: Chez Frere - Clarchies, Louis Julien
    • Original Format: Notated Music
    • Date: 179?

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