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  • Dancing

    Book. print | xvii, 454 p. front., illus. (incl. music) plates. 19 cm. | Short contributions by Mrs. Wordsworth, Miss Middleton, the Hon. Mrs. Armytage and the Countess of Ancaster. First edition, 1895. Available also through the Library of Congress Web site as facsimile page images and full text. (Additional Physical Form). Print (Form). Electronic Resource (Form). Remote (Form).

    • Contributor: Longmans, Green - Frazer, (Lily Grove) (Lady) - Frazer
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1907

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  • A treatise on the art of dancing.

    Originally published in 1762 and reissued in 1765, this work borrows heavily from previously published materials, including the works of Locke, Goldini, and especially John Weaver's 1712 An Essay towards a history of dancing. Gallini (1728-1805) presents a history of dance, arguments for learning the art of dance, and a discourse on the minuet. Especialy interesting are Gallini's comments on European and non-European dance, ...

    • Contributor: Gallini, Giovanni Andrea - Printed for the Author and Sold by R. Dodsley [Etc.]
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1772

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