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  • Nvove inventioni di balli; opera vaghissima nella quale si danno i giusti modi del ben portar la vita, et di accommodarsi con ogni leggiadria di mouimento alle creanze et gratie d'amore. Conueneuoli ...

    Originally published as Le gratie d'amore in 1602, this manual is considered one of them most valuable and diverse primary sources on Italian court dance. Divided into three parts, the first part illuminates the career and students of dancing master Cesare Negri (ca. 1536-ca. 1604; also known as Il Trombone); the second is devoted to the era's most virtuosic dance type, the galliard; and ...

    • Contributor: Negri, Cesare - Della Rovere, Giovanni Mauro - Pallavicini, Leone - G. Bordone
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1604

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  • Prima, e seconda memoria per servire alla istoria del ballo degli antichi,

    In this history of dance, Burette (1665-1747) presents an extensive discussion on Greek and Roman dance, basing his information on literary references such as the Iliad and authors such as Lucian. Included in the discussion are tragic and serious ballet, satire, and pantomime. While this text illuminates the importance of Greek and Roman influence on the arts of the mid-eighteenth century, modern dance scholars ...

    • Contributor: Burette, (Pierre Jean) - Burette - Burette, (Pierre Jean) (M)
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1746

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  • Trattato del ballo nobile,

    Part one of this text consists of thirty-four chapters devoted to instructions for steps required in Italian Baroque dance including pirola (pirouette), sfuggito (echappé), passo unite (assemblé), and cadente (tombé). Each step is fully described and notated in Feuillet notation, the dance notation system first published by French choreographer Raoul-Auger Feuillet in 1700. The second part of the manual contains six chapters devoted to ...

    • Contributor: Dufort, Giovanni Battista - Nella Stamperia DI F. Mosca
    • Original Format: Books
    • Date: 1728

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