Concerts from the Library of Congress, 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 season of Concerts from the Library of Congress brings a stellar roster of performers, ensembles and scholars directly to you. In commemoration of the 150th birthday of our founding patron, Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, you will be treated to musical experiences that you can’t get anywhere else—100% free and donor-supported. Join us for a season of music beyond labels—an exclusive experience for everyone. Download the 2014-2015 Concert Season Calendar (PDF, 511KB)


Day Date Time Artist/Event (Location)
Friday     September 5 7pm FILM: Lisztomania (Pickford Theater)
Friday September 12 7pm FILM: The Music Lovers (Pickford Theater)
Thursday September 18 12pm PANEL: NATIONAL ANTHEM [REMIX] with with Matt Spivey, Loras J. Schissel, Neil Grauer, Nicholas A. Brown (Whittall Pavilion)
Friday September 19 7pm FILM: Mahler (Pickford Theater)
Thursday September 25 12pm LECTURE: Hisham Aidi, "Rebel Music: Race, Empire, and the New Muslim Youth Culture" (West Dining Room)
Friday September 26 7 pm FILM: Tommy (Pickford Theater)
Tuesday October 7 12pm AMS LECTURE: Carol Hess, "Copland as Good Neighbor: Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America During World War II" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Friday  October 10 12pm LECTURE: Warren Hoffman, "Race and the Broadway Musical" (Whittall Pavilion)
Thursday October 16 9pm CONCERT: INTELLIGENCE IN THE HUMAN-MACHINE (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Friday October 17 8pm CONCERT: LUTVAK/TESORI/YAZBEK (Coolidge Auditorium)
Tuesday October 21 12pm LECTURE: Mark Horowitz, "I Bet You Didn't Know We Had This..." (Whittall Pavilion)
Thursday October 23 7pm SPECIAL EVENT: STEW, with Adrien-Alice Hansel (Coolidge Auditorium)
Friday October 24 8pm CONCERT: ST. LAWRENCE STRING QUARTET (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Wednesday October 29 8pm CONCERT: VOX LUMINIS (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Nicholas A. Brown, "Saving Mary: Stabat Mater Settings from Pergolesi to Poulenc" (Whittall Pavilion)]
Thursday October 30 8pm "FOUNDER'S DAY" CONCERT: ENSEMBLE DAL NIENTE (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with George Lewis (Whittall Pavilion)]
Tuesday November 4 12pm LECTURE: James Wintle, "The Audacity of Hopekirk: Cultural Identity in the Songs of Helen Hopekirk" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Wednesday November 5 7:30pm PANEL: Panos Panay & Casey Rae, "Technology and the Entrepreneur: The Ever-Evolving Landscape of the Music Industry" (Montpelier Room)
Friday November 7 8pm CONCERT: PIERRE-LAURENT AIMARD (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - David H. Plylar, "Fugal Lords: Subjectivity in Bach, Beethoven and Brahms" (Whittall Pavilion)]
Saturday November 8 9pm CONCERT: THE NELS CLINE SINGERS (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Wednesday November 12 7pm #DECLASSIFIED: IRENE - Peter Alyea, "Recovering and Preserving Sound Images: An Encounter with IRENE" (TBA, James Madison Building)
Friday November 21 8pm CONCERT: ENSEMBLE CAPRICE (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with Matthias Maute (Whittall Pavilion)]
Tuesday December 2 12pm LECTURE: Nicholas Alexander Brown & "The President's Own" United States Marine Band Woodwind Quintet, "Irving Fine and the American Woodwind Quintet" (Whittall Pavilion)
Thursday December 4 2pm FILM: Charles Munch conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Music by Fine and Debussy (Pickford Theater)
Friday December 5 8pm CONCERT: CHIARA STRING QUARTET / DINNERSTEIN (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with Jefferson Friedman (Whittall Pavilion)]
Saturday December 6 2pm IRVING FINE CENTENNIAL SYMPOSIUM (Coolidge Auditorium)
PANEL: "The Music of Irving Fine," Martin Boykan, Joel Spiegelman, Georgia Luikens
PANEL: "Irving & Verna Fine – Their World and Contemporaries," Claudia Fine, Emily Fine, Joanna Fine, Rosalie Calabrese, Nicholas Alexander Brown
PANEL: "Irving Fine, The Boston Group and the American Neoclassical School," Wayne Shirley, R. James Tobin, Susan Davenny Wyner, Yehudi Wyner, Loras J. Schissel
Saturday December 6 7pm CONCERT: CHOIR OF CLARE COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE, U.K. (Coolidge Auditorium)
Wednesday December 10 7pm LECTURE: Jonathan Berger, "The Aesthetics of Data" (Pickford Theater)
Friday December 12 8pm CONCERT: VOGLER/WANG/SIIRALA (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Nina Totenberg, Mira Wang & Daniel Boomhower, "The Roman Totenberg Legacy" (Whittall Pavilion)]
[6:30pm - PANEL: "Musicians on the Road" (Whittall Pavilion)]


Day Date Time Artist/Event (Location)
Friday January 16 7pm FILM: Streets of Fire (Pickford Theater)
Friday January 23 7pm FILM: Xanadu (Pickford Theater)
Friday January 23 8pm CONCERT: ST. LAWRENCE STRING QUARTET (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Anne McLean, "Opus 90: Celebrating 90 Years of Concerts from the Library of Congress" (Whittall Pavilion)]
Tuesday January 27 12pm LECTURE: Walter Zvonchenko, "Letters from Dukelsky" (Whittall Pavilion)
Friday January 30 7pm FILM: Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (Pickford Theater)
Saturday January 31 11am #DECLASSIFIED: Stephen Yusko and David H. Plylar, "Mano a mano y mano a mano: Exploring the Library's Treasures for Piano Duet" (Studio)
Wednesday February 4 8pm CONCERT: CALEFAX (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Saturday February 7 2pm CONCERT: IAN BOSTRIDGE/JULIUS DRAKE (Coolidge Auditorium)
[12:30pm - Susan Youens on Winterreise (Whittall Pavilion)]
[3:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Coolidge Auditorium)]
Wednesday February 18 8pm CONCERT: RICHARD GOODE (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - David H. Plylar, "Humorisks and Rewards in the Music of Schumann and Brahms" (Whittall Pavilion)]
Friday February 20 8pm CONCERT: CLAREMONT TRIO/AMORY (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Saturday February 21 2pm LECTURE: Antosca/Brent/Karre, "HABITAT: Composition | Performance | Technology | Spaces" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Tuesday February 24 12pm

LECTURE: Christopher Hartten “Chameleons as Composer: The Colorful Life and Works of Lukas Foss” (Whittall Pavilion)

Saturday March 7 8pm CONCERT: CURTIS/SPANO/DÍAZ/HIGDON (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with Jennifer Higdon (Whittall Pavilion)]
Friday March 13 8pm CONCERT: KIM KASHKASHIAN/PETER NAGY (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Tuesday March 17 12pm LECTURE: Sharon McKinley, "Geraldine Farrar, American Diva" (Whittall Pavilion)
Saturday March 21 2pm CONCERT: LEIPZIG STRING QUARTET (Coolidge Auditorium)
Tuesday April 7 12pm LECTURE: David H. Plylar, "Liszt's Historical Hungarian Portraits" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Friday April 10 8pm CONCERT: FINCKEL/HAN/HOPE/NEUBAUER (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Tuesday April 14 12pm AMS LECTURE: Paul Laird, "A Hint of West Side Story: The Genesis of Bernstein's Chichester Psalms as Seen in the Library of Congress Leonard Bernstein Collection" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Friday April 24 8pm CONCERT: MANTRA: Katherine Chi, Aleksandar Madžar, Yura Lee, James Donahue and Cameron Kirkpatrick (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Paul Miller (Whittall Pavilion)]
Saturday April 25 2pm CONCERT: JORY VINOKOUR (Coolidge Auditorium)
Saturday May 2 2pm LECTURE/RECITAL: McGhee/Yanagitani/Ward-Bamford, "Two Thousand Flutes" (Coolidge Auditorium)
Saturday May 9 11am #DECLASSIFIED: Nicholas A. Brown, "Musical Lobbyists" (Studio)
Saturday May 16 11am #DECLASSIFIED: Solomon HaileSelassie, "Fly Space: Inside the Minds of Theatrical Directors & Designers" (Studio)
Tuesday May 19 12pm LECTURE: Leonard Schmieding, "Breakin’ Around the Bloc: Hip Hop in East Germany during the Cold War" (Whittall Pavilion)
Friday May 22 8pm CONCERT: LIGHT AND MATTER: Jennifer Koh, Anssi Karttunen and Benjamin Hochman (Coolidge Auditorium)
[6:30pm - Conversation with the Artists (Whittall Pavilion)]
Friday May 29 8pm CONCERT: ETIENNE CHARLES (Coolidge Auditorium)