Distribution of the 2000-2003 Cable Royalty Funds (Docket No. 2008-2 CRB CD 2000-2003)

The direct phase of the trial to determine the Phase I distribution of 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 royalties collected under the cable statutory license has concluded.  The sole issue to be determined by the Copyright Royalty Judges in this trial is the share of the Canadian Claimants Group.

The parties in this proceeding–the Settling Parties (comprised of the Program Suppliers, Joint Sports Claimants, Commercial Television Claimants, Public Television Claimants, Music Claimants and the Devotional Claimants) and the Canadian Claimants Group–presented their direct cases from June 11 through June 16, 2009. 

There is now a break in the trial while the schedule for the remainder of the proceeding is determined.  The schedule will be posted once it has been set. 

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