U.S. Capitol

The Office of the Counselor to the Director serves as the principal legal and policy advisor to the CRS Director, Deputy Director and members of the senior leadership team, examining and defining questions and issues affecting all aspects of the Service and its relationship to the Congress. The office:

  • develops, plans and implements policies and guidelines affecting broad, emerging and/or critical agency programs;
  • serves as a principal liaison to CRS's congressional committees of jurisdiction;
  • establishes and maintains effective working relationships with Members of Congress and their staff, officials of the Library of Congress and senior managers of other legislative and executive agencies to advance the programs and objectives of CRS;
  • addresses policy and legal questions with respect to such matters as congressional requests, personnel policies and potential conflicts of interest and activities on the part of staff;
  • plans, implements, and oversees outreach activities for CRS; and
  • formulates, presents, negotiates and implements policies and legal positions with respect to labor-management issues that emerge from interactions with staff and the labor organization.

Last Updated: 02/12/2013