U.S. Capitol
Employee and Intern Experiences


"I consider myself fortunate to work here."

    — Walter, senior specialist in American national government

"If you like Congress, if you like policy and procedures, if you like Washington, CRS is really a terrific place to be."


"The analysts and attorneys are really the front line."

    — Julie, research manager

"They are the interface with the congressional offices and committees. Our deliverable is the knowledge embodied in the analyst, who is the interactive agent with the Congress."


"The work is challenging; the arena critical."

    — Merete, information research specialist

"Like academic librarians, CRS information research specialists provide essential services to specialized clients: Congress and CRS analysts."


"CRS is committed to attracting and developing a dedicated and diverse workforce."

    — Nancy, human capital program specialist

"We look for talented, motivated individuals who desire the opportunity to contribute to CRS's unique role of supporting the United States Congress."


"You get an amazing public policy research experience."

    — Neta, intern

"You have all the resources of the Library of Congress available to you. You're working alongside really intelligent, accomplished, experienced analysts. And you're also on the Hill, so you can see the legislative process taking place."


Last Updated: 01/23/2013