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The Library of Congress makes copies and reproductions of our materials available to the public for a fee. Getting copies of items that have already been digitized is relatively easy. Obtaining copies of items that are fragile, rare or that were made using technology that is no longer in use can be more complex.

Guide to the Collections

Duplication Services provides copies and reproductions of the following types of content:

Photographs » Art Prints & Illustrations »
Newspapers » Manuscripts »
Periodicals / Journals » Sheet Music & Musical Scores »
Rare Books » General / Technical Books »
Maps » Posters »
Architectural Drawings » Legal Documents »
Microfilm »

Featured Section

The approximately 172,000 photographs in the Library of Congress' collection from the Farm Security Administration (FSA) provide a unique view of American life during the Great Depression and Second World War. Each volume in the "Fields of Vision " series features an introduction to the work of a single FSA photographer by a leading contemporary author or writer, and presents 50 striking images that show how the particular vision of these photographers helped shape the collective identity of America.
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Library Copy Card Purchasing

To better meet the needs of our researchers, the Library's Copy Cards can now be purchased three ways:

  1. Using the self-service card stations located in select reading rooms throughout the Library's three buildings (Cash Only)
  2. In the Library Shop located on the ground floor of the Jefferson Building (Cash and Charge)
  3. Requesting Bulk orders by calling Duplication Services at 202-707-5640 to schedule an appointment with a Customer Service Representative (Charge and Government-issued Checks)

The service counter in the Adams building has closed, but researchers and other customers can still receive same-day-service by calling 202-707-5640 to schedule an appointment with a Customer Service Representative.

Copy formats

We provide copies of content in the following formats. Note: Not all formats are available for all types of content.

  • Digital Scan
  • Digital PDF
  • Paper Photocopy
  • Digital Print
  • Microfilm

For more about the options for each type, see Products & Pricing

Duplication Services does not provide copies of the following:

  • Audio
  • Film & Video
  • Other Multi-media

For further information on ordering copies of audio and moving image materials, please visit the
Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division»

Are you new to making copies?

We've assembled some resources to help you understand what's involved in making copies, and to make it easier to order.
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Confused about what kind of copy to order?

To help you figure it out, see
Copies and Formats Matrix