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Technical Subcommittee for EAD

Last NameFirst NameRoleTermOrganization
RUSH Michael Co-Chair 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Yale University
STOCKTING William Co-Chair 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 British Library
FOX Michael Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Minnesota Historical Society
KIESLING Kris Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 University of Minnesota
MENNE-HARITZ Angelika Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Bundesarchiv
SHEPHERD Kelcy Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 University of Massachusetts Amherst
SIBILLE Claire Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Direction générale des patrimoines
VAN SCHIE Henny Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Nationaal Archief / Bibliotheek
WATSON Sharry Committee Member 2/2/2010- 8/15/2011  
WESTBROOK Bradley Committee Member 2/3/2010- 8/15/2011 University of California, San Diego
BREDENBERG Karin Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 National Archives of Sweden
CATAPANO Terry Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Columbia University
COMBS Michele Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Syracuse University
FERRY Jacquelyn Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/14/2010 US Government Printing Office
GARDNER Glenn Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Library of Congress
MATIENZO Mark Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Yale University
NIMER Cory Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Brigham Young University
PITTI Daniel Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 University of Virginia
PROFFITT Merrilee Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 OCLC Research
WISSER Katherine Ex Officio 2/3/2010- 8/15/2015 Simmons College