EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <acqinfo> Acquisition Information


An <admininfo> subelement about the immediate source of the materials being described and the circumstances under which they were received. Includes donations, transfers, purchases, and deposits.

After opening a Paragraph <p> within <acqinfo>, optional subelements may be used to tag separately such common acquisition information as the name of the source, e.g., <persname> or <corpname>; the <date> the materials were received; or the accession number <num> assigned to them. The <address> element could be used to document the address of the source, and the AUDIENCE attribute could be set to "internal," if the address information should only be available to authorized staff. Note that the accession number may also serve as the <unitid> and be encoded as such within a <did>.

For detailed information about items acquired and then subsequently alienated from the materials being described, the Separated Material <separatedmaterial> element can be used. It designates items related by provenance that have been physically removed from the materials being described.

The Custodial History <custodhist> element can be used for information about the chain of ownership before the materials reached the immediate source of acquisition.

The <acqinfo> element is comparable to ISAD(G) data elements 3.2.5, and MARC field 541.

May contain:

address, blockquote, chronlist, head, list, note, p, table

May occur within:

admininfo, custodhist


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


  1. 	<admininfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <p>Collection donated to the Manuscript Library by
    Mrs. Helen Ishtaba in 1993. Donor number: 1993-034.</p></acqinfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  2. <admininfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <p>Transfer from <corpname>National Park Service, </corpname>
    <date type="accession">1945. </date>Accession number
    <num type="accession">45.22</num></p></acqinfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  3. <admininfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <acqinfo><p>The collection (Donor No.
    <num type="donor">8338)</num> was donated by
    <persname role="donor">Vonda Thomas </persname>and
    <persname role="donor">Francine Farrow </persname>
    in March 1995.</p> </acqinfo>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

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