EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <add> Adjunct Descriptive Data


A wrapper element for supplemental information that facilitates use of the materials described in the finding aid. This includes additional access tools, such as indexes, file plans, and other finding aids, as well as descriptions or lists of materials separated from or related to those described in the finding aid. The main role of the <add> element is to distinguish supplemental information from the core description of the materials.

When information in <add> supplements information contained throughout the <archdesc>, the <add> might be used once as the last <archdesc> element near the end of the finding aid. When <add> information refers to a single Component <c>, it might be used at the end of the <c>, e.g., to mention a card index to a single series. Brief statements about other finding aids, separated materials, or bibliographical references that might appear, for example, in a scope and contents note do not usually need to be tagged as <add>.

May contain:

add, address, bibliography, blockquote, chronlist, fileplan, head, index, list, note, otherfindaid, p, relatedmaterial, separatedmaterial, table

May occur within:

add, archdesc, c, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12, dentry


AUDIENCE #IMPLIED, external, internal


  1. <archdesc level="collection">
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <note><p>The following is a complete listing of the children's book titles
    written by Dolores Kinder, along with their original publication dates.</p></note>
    <head>Publications List</head>
    <head01>Publication Year</head01>
    <head02>Book Title</head02></listhead>
    <date type="publication">1928</date>
    <event><title pubstatus="pub">The Happy Little Lamb</title> </event></chronitem>
    <date type="publication">1931</date>
    <event><title pubstatus="pub">Once Upon a Lullaby</title> </event></chronitem>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
  2. <dsc type="analyticover">
    <c01 level="series">
    <unittitle label="Series 1:">Correspondence</unittitle>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <head>Additional Descriptive Resources</head>
    <otherfindaid><p>A card index of correspondents, compiled by
    <persname role="compiler">Sanford Archiviste </persname>in
    <date type="compilation">1958</date> is available in the Research Center</p></otherfindaid></add>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
  3. See also examples under <separatedmaterial> and <relatedmaterial>

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