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EAD Elements: <eadgrp> EAD Group


A wrapper element in the EAD Group Document Type Definition (DTD), which allows several archival finding aids encoded with the EAD DTD to be combined into a single document. The EAD Group DTD was designed as a "super wrapper" for multiple finding aids describing materials dispersed among various administrative bodies, i.e., among multiple repositories or among different custodial divisions within a single repository. The EAD Group approach makes it possible to summarize the dispersed materials in <archdescgrp> and to connect closely finding aids that should be viewed together to understand the dispersed materials. Examples of an <eadgrp> might be a set of finding aids to Mark Twain papers held in several repositories, or finding aids for moving image material and manuscript material in a single collection that was separated according to formats among custodial departments.

The <eadgrp> begins with a required <eadheader>, followed by an optional <frontmatter>, then a required <archdescgrp>. The <archdescgrp> contains not only typical <archdesc> subelements such as <did> and <bioghist>, but a special <dscgrp> to bundle the <ead> instances as subordinate components.

The EAD Group DTD should not be used for assembling documentation about multiple accessions of a single collection or fonds held by a single administrative unit; such accessions should be described in a single <ead> instance.

Use the <ead><archref> element to link between a finding aid for a large body of records and the finding aids for its subordinate series. One example of this situation is a government agency record group with series so large that each series has a separate finding aid.

May contain:

archdescgrp, eadheader, frontmatter

May occur within:

Not applicable; highest-level element in EAD Group DTD.


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal

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