EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <eadheader> EAD Header


A wrapper element for bibliographic and descriptive information about the finding aid document rather than the archival materials being described. As explained more fully in the Overview of the EAD Structure, the <eadheader> is modeled on the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) header element to encourage uniformity in the provision of metadata across document types.

The <eadheader> is required, because information that was often unrecorded for a local paper finding aid is essential in a machine-readable environment. Four subelements are available, which must occour in the following order: <eadid> (required), <filedesc> (required), <profiledesc> (optional), and <revisiondesc> (optional). These elements and their subelements provide: a unique identification code for the finding aid; bibliographic information, such as the author and title of the finding aid; information about the encoding of the finding aid; and statements about significant revisions.

The FINDAIDSTATUS attribute can be used to indicate how complete or polished the information in the finding aid is: "unverified-partial-draft," "unverified-full-draft," "edited-partial-draft," or "edited-full-draft."

The <eadheader> can be used to display a simple electronic title page. Alternatively, the <eadheader> can be blocked from display by setting the AUDIENCE attribute to "internal" and using the <frontmatter> <titlepage> elements to create a title page that is independent of the <eadheader>'s prescribed sequence of information.

May contain:

eadid, filedesc, profiledesc, revisiondesc

May occur within:

ead, eadgrp


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal
FINDAIDSTATUS#IMPLIED, unverified-partial-draft, unverified-full-draft, edited-partial-draft, edited-full-draft


<ead audience="external" relatedencoding="MARC">
<eadheader audience="internal" findaidstatus="edited-full-draft" langencoding="ISO 639-2">
<eadid type="SGML Catalog">PUBLIC "-//University of Ishtaba::Manuscript Library//TEXT
(US::UI-M::MSS 0001::Papers of Edgar Holden)" "mss0001.sgm"</eadid>
<titleproper encodinganalog="245$a" pubstatus="pub">The Edgar Holden Papers,
<date type="span">1978-1993</date></titleproper>
<subtitle encodinganalog="245$b">An inventory of his Papers at the University
of Ishtaba</subtitle>
<author>Finding aid prepared by Avery Thimble</author>
<sponsor>Processing sponsored by grant funding from the National Historical
Publications and Records Commission, grant number 94-0123</sponsor></titlestmt>
<edition encodinganalog="250$a">2nd ed.</edition>
<p>Second edition reflects substantial additions to the collection in 1994.</p>
<publisher>University of Ishtaba, Manuscript Library</publisher>
<date type="publication">1995</date></publicationstmt>
<titleproper encodinganalog="440$a" pubstatus="pub">Archival Inventories and
Guides of the World; </titleproper>
<num encodinganalog="440$v">no. 148</num></seriesstmt>
<creation>Machine-readable finding aid and skeletal markup derived via a macro
from WordPerfect file; markup checked and completed by Sarah Accords. <date
normal="19950423">April 23,1995.</date></creation>
Finding aid written in <language>English</language>
<change><date normal="19970505">May 5, 1997</date>
<item>This electronic finding aid was updated to current markup
standards by Sarah Accords using a perl script. Updates included:
eadheader, eadid, arrangement of did elements and their labels.</item></change>
[other possible elements and text ...]

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