EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <emph> Emphasis


A formatting element for marking words or phrases that are stressed or emphasized for linguistic effect. Use the RENDER attribute to specify the kind of emphasis, e.g., bold or italics.

When the content of an entire element should always be rendered in italics or some other display feature, use the SGML style sheet functions instead of the <emph> element.

May contain:

#PCDATA, abbr, archref, bibref, emph, expan, extptr, extref, lb, linkgrp, ptr, ref, title

May occur within:

abstract, addressline, archref, author, bibref, bibseries, container, corpname, creation, date, dimensions, edition, emph, entry, event, extent, extref, extrefloc, famname, function, genreform, geogname, head, head01, head02, imprint, item, label, language, langusage, name, num, occupation, origination, p, persname, physdesc, physfacet, physloc, publisher, ref, repository, runner, sponsor, subarea, subject, subtitle, title, titleproper, unitdate, unitid, unittitle


RENDER#IMPLIED, bold, italic, bolditalic, boldunderline, boldsmcaps, boldquoted, nonproport, altrender, quoted, smcaps, sub, super, underline


<archdesc level="collection">
[other possible elements and text... ]
<note><p>The following is a complete listing of the children's
book titles written by Dolores Kinder, along with their original publication
<emph render="boldunderline">Publications List</emph>
[other possible elements and text... ]

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