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EAD Elements: <filedesc> File Description


A required subelement of the <eadheader> that bundles much of the bibliographic information about the finding aid, including its author, title, subtitle, and sponsor (all in the <titlestmt>), as well as the edition, publisher, publishing series, and related notes (encoded separately).

This element has been modeled on a Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) DTD element and includes the following subelements, in this order: a required <titlestmt>, an optional <editionstmt>, an optional <publicationstmt>, an optional <seriesstmt>, and an optional <notestmt>. The <filedesc> provides information that is helpful for citing a finding aid in a bibliography or footnote. Institutions that catalog finding aids separately from the archival materials being described might use the <filedesc> elements to build a basic bibliographic record for the finding aid.

Do not confuse with the <profiledesc> element, which describes the encoding of the finding aid. Do not confuse with <archdesc> elements, which refer to the materials being described rather than the finding aid itself.

May contain:

editionstmt, notestmt, publicationstmt, seriesstmt, titlestmt

May occur within:



AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


<eadheader audience="internal" findaidstatus="edited-full-draft" langencoding="ISO 639-2">
<titleproper pubstatus="pub">The Edgar Holden Papers, <date type="span">1978-1993</date></titleproper>
<subtitle>A Guide to the Holden Papers at the University of Ishtaba</subtitle>
<author>Finding aid prepared by Avery Thimble</author>
<sponsor>Processing sponsored by grant funding from the National Historical Publications and
Records Commission, grant number 94-0123</sponsor>
This is the second edition of this inventory, reflecting substantial recent additions to the records
during 1997.</edition>
<publisher>University of Ishtaba, Manuscript Library</publisher>
<date type="publication">1994</date></publicationstmt>
<titleproper pubstatus="pub">Archival Inventories and Guides of the World </titleproper>
<num>No. 148</num>
<notestmt><note><p><date normal="20000101" type="flagged">January 1, 2000:
</date>The University of Ishtaba Manuscript Library has scheduled an official review of this
collection guide on the above date.</p></note></notestmt>

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