EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <frontmatter> Front Matter


A wrapper element that bundles prefatory text found before the start of the Archival Description <archdesc>. It focuses on the creation, publication, or use of the finding aid rather than information about the materials being described. Examples include a title page, preface, dedication, and instructions for using a finding aid. As explained in the Overview of the EAD Structure, the optional <frontmatter> element within <titlepage> can be used to repeat selected information from the <eadheader> to generate a title page that follows local preferences for sequencing information. The other <frontmatter> structures, such as a dedication, are encoded as Text Divisions <div>s, with a <head> element containing word(s) that identify the nature of the text.

May contain:

div, titlepage

May occur within:

ead, eadgrp


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


<titleproper>The George Franklin Papers,
<date type="span">1928-1972</date></titleproper>
<subtitle>An Inventory of his Papers at the University of Ishtaba</subtitle>
<extptr actuate="auto" entityref="ishlogo" show="embed">
<lb>University of Ishtaba
<lb>Manuscript Library
<blockquote><p>The city and the university must work together to preserve and
protect the history of the Ishtaba area for the use of future generations of citizens. It is
only through a thorough familiarity with the artifacts of our past that we can instill in the
young people of our community a sense of the unbroken ties between their present and our past.
<note><p>George Franklin, Mayor of Ishtaba, upon the dedication of the library
on August 12, 1952</p></note></p></blockquote>
<list type="deflist">
<label>Collection processed and inventory created by:</label>
<item>Avery Thimble</item></defitem>
<label>Processing Completed:</label>
<date>May 1994</date>; Second accession, <date>November 1997</date></item></defitem>
<label>Encoded by:</label>
<item>Sarah Accord</item></defitem>
<p>© 1997 The Governors of the University of Ishtaba.</p>

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