EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <head> Heading


A generic element that designates the title or caption for a section of text, including a list. When a Heading <head> is used, it should be the first subelement, followed by one or more other elements.

Do not confuse with the <listhead> subelements <head01> and <head02>, which designate headings for columns in a list. A <thead> element is used for column heads in a table.

May contain:

#PCDATA, emph, extptr, lb, ptr

May occur within:

accessrestrict, accruals, acqinfo, add, admininfo, altformavail, appraisal, arrangement, bibliography, bioghist, c, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12, chronlist, controlaccess, custodhist, daodesc, did, div, dsc, dscgrp, fileplan, index, list, odd, organization, otherfindaid, prefercite, processinfo, relatedmaterial, scopecontent, separatedmaterial, table, userestrict


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


  1. <add>
    <note><p>The following is a complete listing of the children's book
    titles written by Dolores Kinder, along with their original publication dates.</p></note>
    <head>Publications List</head>
    <head01>Publication Year</head01>
    <head02>Book Title</head02></listhead>

  2. <archdesc langmaterial="eng" level="collection">
    <head>Administrative History</head>
    <bioghist id="PRO123"><p>In October 1964, the incoming Labour government
    created new office of Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (combined with First
    Secretary of State) and set up the Department of Economic Affairs under the
    Ministers of the Crown Act 1964 to carry primary responsibility for long term
    economic planning.</p>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

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