EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <indexentry> Index Entry


A formatting element that pairs an index term with one or more linking elements. Each <indexentry> contains an access element, such as <name>, <namegrp>, or <subject>; an optional <note> that can divide the entry into subcategories, e.g., "during office" and "family life"; followed by optional Pointer <ptr>, Pointer Group <ptrgrp>, or Reference <ref> elements. Plain text cannot be used in an <indexentry>. If the <indexentry> subelements are expected to provide access points other than basic keyword retrieval, use controlled vocabulary terms to facilitate access to information within and across finding aid systems. The SOURCE attribute can be used on the <indexentry> subelements to indicate which vocabulary provided the term.

Use the Name Group <namegrp> element to bundle access element entries, e.g., several <famname> and <persname> elements, that share the same <ref>, <ptr>, or <ptrgrp> element.

Use the Pointer Group <ptrgrp> element to bundle several <ref> or <ptr> links to a single access term. Use the <ptr> element when no text is needed with the link. Use the <ref> element when text as well as a link are needed.

May contain:

corpname, famname, function, genreform, geogname, indexentry, name, namegrp, occupation, persname, ptr, ptrgrp, ref, subject

May occur within:

index, indexentry


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


[other possible elements and text... ]
<index><head>Photographer Index</head>
[other possible elements and text... ]
<indexentry><name>12th Air Force Photo:</name><ref
target="LOT13105">LOT 13105</ref></indexentry>
<indexentry><name>15th Air Force Command:</name><ref
target="LOT13105">LOT 13105</ref></indexentry>
[other possible elements and text... ]
[other possible elements and text... ]

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