EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <lb> Line Break


An empty formatting element that forces text to start on a new line at a point chosen by the author rather than a linewrap algorithm or SGML style sheet. Use only when a line break is needed within an element, for example, within a <titlepage>. Use a style sheet to specify line breaks between elements.

May contain:


May occur within:

abstract, addressline, archref, author, bibref, bibseries, container, corpname, creation, date, dimensions, edition, emph, entry, event, extent, extref, extrefloc, famname, function, genreform, geogname, head, head01, head02, imprint, item, label, language, langusage, name, num, occupation, origination, p, persname, physdesc, physfacet, physloc, publisher, ref, refloc, repository, runner, sponsor, subarea, subject, subtitle, title, titleproper, unitdate, unitid, unittitle




  1. An example of an XML-conforming use of this element:

    <extptr actuate="auto" entityref="ishlogo" show="embed" />
    <lb/>University of Ishtaba
    <lb/>Manuscript Library

  2. An example of an SGML-conforming use of this element:

    <extptr actuate="auto" entityref="ishlogo" show="embed">
    <lb>University of Ishtaba
    <lb>Manuscript Library

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