EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <organization> Organization


Information on how the described materials have been subdivided into smaller units, e.g., record groups into series. It is used to identify the logical or physical groupings of the described materials within a hierarchical structure. Do not confuse with <arrangement>, which is for information on the filing sequence of the described materials within each grouping, e.g., alphabetical, chronological, geographical, office of origin, etc.

The <organization> element may occur within <archdesc> and <c> or as a subelement of <scopecontent>.

The <organization> element is comparable to MARC field 351$a.

May contain:

address, blockquote, chronlist, head, list, note, organization, p, table

May occur within:

archdesc, archdescgrp, c, c01, c02, c03, c04, c05, c06, c07, c08, c09, c10, c11, c12, dentry, organization, scopecontent


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


  1. <archdesc langmaterial="eng" level="collection">
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <organization encodinganalog="351$a"><p>The papers have been organized into
    four series: I. Works, 1912-1948 (15 folders); II. The Peverel Society, 1936, n.d. (4 folders);
    III. Correspondence, 1921-1965, n.d. (bulk 1931-1947) (5 folders); and IV. Scrapbooks, 1921-1965,
    n.d. (6 folders).</p>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  2. <archdesc langmaterial="eng" level="fonds">
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <organization><p>This collection is organized into four series and
    two subseries.</p>
    <list type="ordered" numeration="upperroman">
    <item>Administrative, 1942-1953 (2 linear ft.)</item>
    <item>Correspondence, 1939-1960 (2.5 linear ft.)</item>
    <list type="ordered" numeration="lowerroman">
    <item>Incoming, 1939-1960 (1.75 linear ft.)</item>
    <item>Outgoing, 1942-1944, 1956-1959 (0.75 linear ft.)</item>
    <item>Statutes and Regulations, 1942-1953 (12 folders)</item>
    <item>Topical, 1928-1958 (4 linear ft.)</item>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

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