EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <titleproper> Title Proper of the Finding Aid


The name of the finding aid or finding aid series. The <titleproper> element is required within the <titlestmt> subelement of <filedesc>, part of the <eadheader>. It may also be optionally used in the <titlepage> subelement of <frontmatter>. To encode the name of a finding aid series, <titleproper> may be used in the optional <seriesstmt> subelement of <filedesc>.

The PUBSTATUS attribute on <titleproper> is used to specify whether the finding aid is published, unpublished, or if the publication status is unknown. The EXTENT attribute is used to specify whether the finding aid describes all or part of the archival materials.

The <titlestmt> relates to the finding aid and should not be confused with Title Title <title>, used to encode the formal names of works such as monographs, serials, paintings, etc., listed in the finding aid, or with Title of the Unit <unittitle>, used to encode the name of the described materials.

May contain:

#PCDATA, abbr, date, emph, expan, extptr, lb, num, ptr

May occur within:

seriesstmt, titlepage, titlestmt


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal
EXTENT #IMPLIED, all, part, unknown-extent
PUBSTATUS#IMPLIED, pub, unpub, unknown-pub
RENDER#IMPLIED, bold, italic, bolditalic, boldunderline, boldsmcaps, boldquoted, nonproport, altrender, quoted, smcaps, sub, super, underline


  1. <filedesc>
    <titleproper encodinganalog="245$a" pubstatus="pub">The Edgar Holden Papers,
    <date type="span">1978-1993</date></titleproper>
    <subtitle encodinganalog="245$b">A Guide to the Holden Papers at the University of
    <author>Finding aid prepared by Avery Thimble</author>
    <sponsor>Processing sponsored by grant funding from the National Historical Publications
    and Records Commission, grant number 94-0123</sponsor>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  2. <filedesc>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <titleproper encodinganalog="440$a" extent="all" pubstatus="pub">Archival Inventories
    and Guides of the World; </titleproper>
    <num encodinganalog="440$v">no. 148</num></seriesstmt>
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  3. <frontmatter>
    <titleproper>Inventory of The Arequipa Sanatorium Records,
    <num>Collection number: BANC MSS 92/894 c</num>
    <publisher>The Bancroft Library
    <lb>University of California, Berkeley
    <lb>Berkeley, California</publisher>
    <list type="deflist">
    <label>Processed by:</label>
    <item>Lynn Downey</item>
    <label>Completed by:</label>
    <item>Mary Morganti and Katherine Bryant</item>
    <label>Date Completed:</label>
    <date>May 1994</date></item>
    <label>Encoded by:</label>
    <item>Gabriela A. Montoya</item>
    <p>© 1996 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.</p>

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