EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0

EAD Elements: <unittitle> Title of the Unit


The name, either formal or supplied, of the described materials. May consist of a word, phrase, character, or group of characters. As an important subelement of the Descriptive Identification <did>, the <unittitle> encodes the name of the described materials at both the highest unit or <archdesc> level (e.g., collection, record group, or fonds) and at all the subordinate Component <c> levels (e.g., subseries, files, items, or other intervening stages within a hierarchical description).

The date of the described materials may be included within the <unittitle> as part of the text string or as a separate nested element called <unitdate>. Generally, if a description of a Component <c> consists of nothing but the <unitdate>, the encoder tags the string as a <unitdate> nested inside a <unittitle>, e.g.,


Do not confuse <unittitle> with Title <title>, a more general element used to encode the formal names of works such as monographs, serials, paintings, etc. Also do not confuse with Title Proper of the Finding Aid <titleproper>, used to designate the name of a finding aid, or a finding aid series encoded in EAD.

May contain:

#PCDATA, abbr, archref, bibref, corpname, date, emph, expan, extptr, extref, famname, function, genreform, geogname, lb, linkgrp, name, num, occupation, persname, ptr, ref, subject, title, unitdate

May occur within:

archref, dentry, did, entry, event, extref, extrefloc, item, label, p, ref, refloc


AUDIENCE#IMPLIED, external, internal


  1. <dsc type="analyticover">
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    <c level="subseries">
    <unittitle>Documentary Movies, <unitdate type="inclusive">1952-1964
    <physdesc><extent>2.5 linear ft.</extent></physdesc>
    <abstract label="Summary:">Includes scores, arranged alphabetically by movie title,
    and some correspondence, arranged chronologically.</abstract>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    [other possible elements and text... ]

  2. <dsc type="analyticover">
    <c01 level="series">
    <unittitle>Forest Stand Maps by Township and Basemap </unittitle>
    <unitdate type="inclusive">1958-1979</unitdate>
    <physdesc><extent>36 ft. </extent>
    <extent>(approx. 1700 sheets) </extent>
    of <genreform>cartographic records.</genreform>
    <physfacet>Scale: predominantly 4 inches to 1 mile (1:15,840)</physfacet>
    [other possible elements and text... ]
    [other possible elements and text... ]

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