1492: An Ongoing Voyage

This exhibit was placed online in 1992, under the 'anonymous ftp' site at the Library of Congress; it was converted to a World Wide Web version in April, 1996. Revisions were made in October 2000 to upgrade the online exhibition to comply with the HTML 4.01 standard.

June, 1993

  • Kathryn D. Ellis
  • Robert Zich

April, 1996

  • Marjorie Winslow Kehoe, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland [Ms. Kehoe performed most of the work on converting LC's 'anonymous ftp' version of the 1492 exhibit to LC's WWW version.]
  • Nancy De Sa, Library Services
  • Lynn Ellis Brooks, Information Technology Services
  • Gene Roberts, Interpretive Programs Office

October 2000

  • Julie Mangin, Library Services