Four current exhibitions at the Library of Congress

Current Exhibitions

Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Long Struggle for Freedom

Commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, looks at events that shaped the civil rights movement, and explores the far-reaching impact of the act on a changing society.

First Among Many: The Bay Psalm Book and Early Moments in American Printing

Tells the story of American printing as it evolved from a colonial necessity to the clarion of freedom.

Out of the Ashes: A New Library for Congress and the Nation

Marks the two-hundredth anniversary of the acquisition of Jefferson’s 6,487-volume library. This acquisition was the foundation of the modern Library of Congress.

Pointing Their Pens: Herblock and Fellow Cartoonists Confront the Issues

Features editorial cartoons by Herblock paired with the work of his contemporaries, providing visual insights into key moments that shaped the United States in the twentieth century.

Grand Illusion: The Art of Theatrical Design

Journeys from the Baroque courts of Europe to the Broadway stages of the U.S. and offers a glimpse at the theatrical design collections at the Library of Congress.

Exploring the Early Americas

Examines indigenous cultures, the drama of the encounters between Native Americansand Europeans, and the changes caused by the meeting of the two worlds. It features selections from the Jay I. Kislak Collection.

Hope for America: Performers, Politics and Pop Culture

Explores artifacts that represent an array of viewpoints on the interplay of politics and entertainment in American public life.

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From the Home Front and the Front Lines

Consists of original materials and oral histories drawn from the Veterans History Project collections at the Library of Congress.

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