United Press


               1.  To Comrade Stalin.
               2.  Copies to all members of the Politburo.

     For some time now, particularly during the period of the
Genoa Conference, the Moscow representative of the American
Telegraph Agency "United Press" citizen Gullinger has started
sending abroad telegrams tendentiously reflecting events in
Russia.  This has been particularly so in his telegrams on the
removal of church properties and in telegrams that have
anticipated the "united front" of Germany and Russia at the Genoa
Conference.  We have repeatedly brought to his attention the
distortion of the facts permitted by him in his telegrams; we
have not let pass several of his telegrams, while in others we
have expunged the particularly tendentious passages that might
serve as the basis for propagating false rumors about Russia
abroad.  In response to this, citizen Gullinger has begun to slip
into his telegrams phrases about the tightening of censorship in
Moscow.  On April 26, he brought for transmission a telegram, a
copy of which is enclosed with this letter.  This telegram was
not let through; nevertheless, Gullinger sent it, apparently
through some mission, as we learned from the response he received
to his suggestion. 

     I feel that it is intolerable to permit such crooks to live
in Moscow and to continue to do such dirty tricks.  I suggest
that he be deported immediately.

     Since it is necessary to deport him immediately, I would
request that the question be resolved by Thursday by an
arrangement over the telephone.  (A copy of this letter has been
circulated to all members of the Politburo).

                           With Communist Greetings
Stamp (bottom right):  Secret Archive of the Central Committee
                           of the All-Union Communist Party
                           (of Bolsheviks)
                           Inventory No 290; Convocation; F-GR;
                           Archive No.--

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