Letter About Pasternak

                                             CC CPSU
                                             16APR 1959
                                             To be returned to the
                                             General Dept., CC CPSU
Not for publication

                             CC CPSU

     B. Pasternak turned to me for advice on what he should do in
connection with the proposal of the Norwegian publishers to receive
money for the book "Doctor Zhivago."

     ...Pasternak would like to receive this money, a portion of
which he intends to give to the Literary Fund "for the needs of
elderly writers."

     I think that Pasternak should refuse receipt of money from the
Norwegian bank.

     I am asking for permission to express this point of view.


                                             D. Polikarpov
                                             April 16 1959


Boris Pasternak refused to receive the money from the Norwegian
publishers. See the copy of his letter to the Copyright Directorate
                         August 17, 1959

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