Regarding Marietta Shaginian's novel, Ticket to history, part one, the Ul'ianov family

…the Central Committee has determined that as a biographical-documentary novel about the life of the Ul'ianov family, and also about the childhood and youth of Lenin, it appears to be a politically harmful, ideologically hostile work. One should consider it a gross political error on the part of the book's editor, Comrade Ermilov, and those in charge who permitted Shaginian's novel to be printed.

One condemns the behavior of Comrade Krupskaia, who having received a draft copy of Shaginian's novel not only did not prevent the novel's publication, but instead, encouraged Shaginian in every way possible, reviewed the draft positively and advised Shaginian on the facts of the Ul'ianov family's life. One should also consider Comrade Krupskaia completely responsible for this book.

One should consider the behavior of Comrade Krupskaia all the more intolerable and tactless, since Comrade Krupskaia was in charge of Shaginian's task of writing a novel about Lenin without the knowledge and approval of the Central Committee, behind the back of the Central Committee, turning the very same all-party matter of composing a literary work about Lenin into a private and family affair, appearing in the role of sole exploiter of the circumstances of the social and personal life and works of Lenin and his family, for which the Central Committee never granted anyone exclusive rights.

The Central Committee resolves

  1. to remove Comrade Ermilov from the position of editor of "Krasnaia Nov'"
  2. to announce the reprimand of the director of GIKhL [State Publishing House of Belle Lettres] Comrade…
  3. to apprise Krupskaia of her error
  4. to prohibit anyone from submitting a literary work about Lenin without the knowledge and permission of the Central Committee
  5. to question Shaginian's party membership in the KPK (Control Commission of the Communist Party).

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