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Image: Winston Churchill to Lady Randolph Churchill, June 12, 1887
Winston Churchill to Lady Randolph Churchill, June 12, 1887
There is little in Churchill's childhood correspondence to suggest a great interest in his mother's American lineage, but he was eager to persuade her to let him attend Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebrations and see "Buffalow Bill [sic]," even writing out the text of a letter for her to send to his teacher. Churchill was a child of the British Imperial era with all its pageantry. He had a large collection of toy soldiers, and—as these drawings show—a schoolboy's keen interest in all things military.
Object Details:
Holograph letter. Churchill Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, U.K. (13)

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Forebears and Family
Sunday [?12 June 1887] [Brighton]

My dear Mamma,

I hope you are as well as I am. I am writing this letter to back up my last. I hope you will not disappoint me. I can think of nothing else but Jubilee. Uncertainty is at all time perplexing write to me by return post please!!! I love you so much dear Mummy and I know you love me too much to disappoint me. Do write to tell me what you intend to do. I must come home, I feel I must. Write to Miss Thomson a letter after this principle so:--My dear

Could you allow Winston to come up to London on Saturday the 18th for the Jubilee. I should like him to see the procession very much, and I also promised him that he should come up the Jubilee.

I remain yours,


I think that the above will hit its mark, anyhow you can try. I know you will be successful.

I am looking forward to seeing Buffalow Bill, yourself, Jack, Everest, and home. I would sooner come home for the Jubilee and have no amusement at all than stay down here and have tremendous fun.

The weather is fine.

Please, as you love me, do as I have begged you.

Love to all I remain as ever, Your loving son


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