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Image: President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Winston Churchill, April 3, 1942
President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Winston Churchill, April 3, 1942
The question of how best to open up a "Second Front" in Europe and strike against Germany was one of the most complex and divisive issues for the British and American allies. As this letter from Roosevelt shows, both he and Churchill were aware of the need to support the role being played by the Russians in the East, but, while the British favored an attack through Italy, the Americans preferred an assault on France.
Object Details:
Holograph letter. Churchill Papers, Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, U.K. (163)

Related Theme:
World War II
April 3, 1942 11pm

The White House


Dear Winston

What Harry and Geo. Marshall will tell you all about has my heart & mind in it. Your people and mine demand the establishment of a front to draw off pressure on the Russians, & these peoples are wise enough to see that the Russians are today killing more Germans & destroying more equipment than you & I put together. Even if full success is not attained, the big objective will be.

Go to it! Syria & Egypt will be made more secure, even if the Germans find out about our plans.

Best of luck--make Harry go to bed early & let him obey Dr. Fulton, U.S.N., whom I am sending with him as super nurse with full authority.

As ever

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