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The Yanks Are Coming!

Our Uncle Sam
June Bauer, music and lyrics
"Our Uncle Sam."
Judsonia, Arkansas: Bauer Company
Copyright deposit, 1918 (58E)

Over There
George M. Cohan (1878-1942)
"Over There."
New York: Wm. Jerome
Publishing Corporation, 1917
Sheet music
Music Division
Copyright deposit, 1917 (58B.3)

I'm A Regular Daughter of Uncle Sam
Edgar Allen, music and lyrics
"I'm A Regular Daughter
of Uncle Sam."

New York: Shapiro,
Bernstein, & Company
Copyright deposit, 1917 (58C.1)

From the outbreak of "the war to end all wars" in Europe in mid-1914 until the last doughboy returned home, Americans copyrighted more than 35,000 World War I patriotic songs, military marches, love ballads, and protest songs. More than half were written by women who usually collaborated as lyricist with a male composer. Lyrics ranged from rallying cries and praises of bravery to pleas for pacifism and celebrations of peace. George M. Cohan, considered the father of American musical comedy, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor in 1941 for his patriotic, 1917 standard "Over There." New tunes were in constant demand by a public who bought sheet music, piano rolls, and the newly-popular phonograph records.

Additional Views:

Harry von Tilzer, music
Lou Klein, lyrics
"The Little Good for Nothing's
Good for Something After All."

New York: Harry von Tilzer
Music Publishing Company
Copyright deposit, 1918 (58F)

Irving Berlin, music and lyrics
"Oh How I Hate to Get Up
in the Morning."

New York: Waterson, Berlin,
& Snyder
Copyright deposit, 1918 (58G.1)

Byron G. Barker, lyrics
Fred E. Ahlert, music
"He Gave to the World His
Tomorrow That We Might
Live Today."

Morgantown, WV: Barker & O'Kelly
Copyright deposit, 1919 (58B.1)

Billy Alexander, music
Marjorie Hibbs, lyrics
"Our Dear Daddy Soldier-Boy."
Los Angeles: W.A. Quincke
Copyright deposit, 1918 (58D.1)

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