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Discrimination During
the Civil War

United Order Bne B'rith
Henry Kuttner
United Order "Bné B'rith"
to Abraham Lincoln

Holograph letter with seal,
January 5, 1863
Manuscript Division

Gift of Robert Lincoln, ca. 1923 (41.3)

The first Jewish organization to formally protest against Order No.11 "expelling and ostracizing all Jews, as a class . . . issued by Maj. GenL. U.S. Grant" was the United Order "Bné B'rith" Missouri Lodge. It states: "In the name of hundreds who have been driven from their houses, deprived of their liberty, and injured in their property without having violated any law or regulation. . . . In the name of religious liberty and humanity. . . [we ask you] to annul that Order and protect the liberties even of your humblest constituents. Lincoln complied and the order was rescinded.

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