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An Immigrants' Song

Zei Gebensht Du Freie Land
Solomon Smulewitz (Small)
and Joseph M. Rumshisky.
"Zei Gebensht Du Freie Land"
[Long Live the Land of the Free].
New York: Hebrew Publishing Co., 1911
Hebraic Section,
African & Middle Eastern Division

Copyright deposit, 1911 (52.5)

"Land of the Free," a comic song but unabashedly patriotic, delivers impassioned lyrics that describe the hope and fierce loyalty many immigrants felt for America. The lyrics read: "Every Jew must express his loyalty to the Land of Freedom with all his being/Once settled he will surely appreciate a Land which gives him full and equal rights/ Yes! Yes!/ So become a citizen, take out the required papers/ Oy, Oy/ Become an in-law of Uncle Sam/ Cast your vote/ It gives you great power/ Then none can cause you hurt/ The world will esteem the Jew/ Defend the American Flag."

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