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The Seneca Falls

Our roll of honor
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902),
Our roll of honor, signatures to the
"Declaration of Sentiments" Set Forth
by the First Woman's Rights Convention
held at Seneca Falls, New York
July 19-20, 1848.

with emendations by her daughter
Harriot Stanton Blatch (1856-1940)
Manuscript Division

Our roll of honor
with handwritten comments
Manuscript Division

In July 1848 more than 300 men and women assembled in Seneca Falls, New York, for the nation's first women's rights convention. Elizabeth Cady Stanton documented the historic 1848 meeting by compiling this scrapbook of contemporary newspaper clippings. Years later Stanton's daughter Harriot enhanced the scrapbook with several additions, including this photograph of a clipping depicting her mother in the controversial bloomer outfit. Stanton's cousin Elizabeth Smith Miller introduced the outfit and editor Amelia Bloomer publicized its healthful and liberating benefits in her newspaper The Lily.

Additional Views:
National Reformer, August 3, 1848
North Star, July 28, 1848
The Recorder, August 3, 1848
Oneida Whig, August 1, 1848
The Mechanics Advocate, Female Department
National Reformer, August 10, 1848
National Reformer, September 14, 1848
National Reformer, August 31, 1848

Manuscript Division

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