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Circumnavigation of
The Globe

Vera Totius Expeditionis Nauticae
Jodocus Hondius (1563-1611)
Vera Totius Expeditionis Nauticae . . . .
Possibly Amsterdam, ca. 1595
Hand-colored engraving
Geography & Map Division
Gift of the estate of Robert Powers (110.2)

( November 21, 2002 )


Published by noted Dutch cartographer Jodocus Hondius, this elaborate double-hemisphere world map records the first English circumnavigation of the globe by Sir Francis Drake (1577-1580), as well as that of his countryman Thomas Cavendish a few years later (1586-1588). The map portrays the outlines of continents leaving the interiors blank, suggesting that the land areas were left unexplored. The marginalia includes the Elizabethan coat-of-arms, a vignette of Drake's ship the Golden Hind, and four corner illustrations. The drawing in the upper-left corner shows Drake's landing at Nova Albion in present-day California.

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