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Satirizing Anti-Suffragists

Making the Polls Attractive to Anti-Suffragists
Ralph Barton (1891-1931)
"Making the Polls Attractive to Anti-Suffragists"
in Puck. (New York: February 20, 1915)
Prints & Photographs Division
Copyright deposit, 1915 (97A.11)

In this cartoon, caricaturist Ralph Barton depicts an anti-suffragist pushing aside her ballot in favor of playing cards, while her fellow upper-class revelers prefer dancing and socializing to voting. Only one woman has taken the time to cast her ballot. This cartoon appeared in the journal Puck's woman suffrage issue, "under the editorial direction of a committee of the leading suffragists in America." Puck continued to support equal suffrage and satirize its opponents in subsequent issues. The journal ceased publication in 1918, two years before suffrage for women was won.

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