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Field Recordings in Spain

Photo contact sheet, Brumojo, Spain
Alan Lomax (1915–2002)
Photographic contact sheet pasted into notebook and annotated. Bormujo, Seville, Andalusia, Spain. 1952. [accompanying sound recording: World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, Vol. 4: Spain. Rounder CD 11661 1744-2]
American Folklife Center
Purchase from the Estate of Alan Lomax

During the 1950s Alan Lomax lived and conducted extensive fieldwork in Europe. His pioneering Spanish field recordings, made in 1952 during the Franco regime, constitute an invaluable historical document of music from all over the country. Lomax often took photographs of the same subjects he recorded. This contact sheet, from the village of Brumojo, features the singer Anastasio Baque (second row), whose fandango performance shows how the songs of Andalusia live every day among its people, rather than as sung by one of the great flamenco stars.


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