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A Looking Glass for 1787

The Looking Glass for 1787.
Possibly Amos Doolittle
The Looking Glass for 1787.
A House Divided Against Itself
Cannot Stand,
Mat. Chap. 13th ver 26
Engraving and rocker work,
with watercolor on laid paper
Prints & Photographs Division (3.8)

The process of state ratification of the United States Constitution was a divisive one. This satirical, eighteenth-century engraving touches on some of the major issues in the Connecticut politics on the eve of ratification. The two rival factions shown are the "Federals," supporters of the constitution who represented the trading interests and were for tariffs on imports, and the "Antifederal," those committed to agrarian interests and more receptive to paper money issues. The two groups were also divided on the issue of commutation of military pensions. The artist, possibly Amos Doolittle, clearly sides with the Federalist cause. Connecticut is symbolized by a wagon sinking into the mud. Its driver warns, "Gentlemen this Machines is deep in the mire and you are divided as to its releaf -- ."

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