motion picture | Made-for-TV series. Short film (under 30 minutes). (recorded cues) "The toy trumpet", "Manhattan minuet", "Powerhouse", "Twilight in Turkey", "Huckleberry duck", "Moment musical", "War dance for wooden Indians", "New Year's Eve in a haunted house", "At an Arabian house party", "In an eighteenth century drawing room" by Raymond Scott; "The hurry-up", "Like strange", "Panic patrol", "Shopping jaunt", "Catwalk", "Slick in the city" ...

    • Contributor: Bob Camp - Ken Bruce - Bill Wray - Peter Avanzino - Howard E. Baker - Steve Loter - Ron Hughart - Tom Mcgrath - Chris Reccardi - Mike Kim - Vincent Waller - Etc - Scott Huml - John Kricfalusi - Jim Smith (Theme) - Alexander Rannie - Shawn Patterson - Charlie Brissette
    • Original Format: Film, Video
  • MacGYVER

    motion picture | Made-for-TV series. Medium length film (30-60 minutes). Bill Henderson as a cashier in segment "Birth day" (1987). Della Reese appears as Mama Colton in segments "Squeeze play" (dir: Michael Preece, 17.12.90) and "The Coltons" (dir: William Gereghty, 14.10.91). (Personnel On Camera). Inc: Bob Findley, trumpet; Emil Richards, percussion. (Soundtrack Personnel). Motion Picture (Form).

    • Contributor: Lee H. Katzin - Chuck Bowman - Bill Corcoran - Don Weis - Paul Stanley - Ernest Pintoff - Paul Krasny - Don Chaffey - Bruce Kessler - Alan Smithee - Alexander Singer - Michael Preece - Donald Petrie - Richard A. Colla - Etc - Randy Edelman (Theme) - Bruce Babcock - Michael Melvoin - William Ross - Dennis Mccarthy - Don Nemitz, Neil Argo
    • Original Format: Film, Video

    motion picture | Made-for-TV series. Short film (under 30 minutes). Inc: Jeff Bunnell, trumpet; Bryan Pezzone, piano. (Soundtrack Personnel). Motion Picture (Form).

    • Contributor: Joe Chappelle - Brad Anderson - Fred Toye - Jeannot Szwarc - Etc - J. J. Abrams (Theme) - Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton, (Additional) Chad Seiter - Billy Gottlieb, Charles Scott IV
    • Original Format: Film, Video