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  • Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute & the Transportation Revolution

    Drawing heavily on the rich aeronautical archives of the Library of Congress, including personal correspondence, "Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution" is the first detailed examination of French-born and self-trained civil engineer Octave Chanute's life and his immeasurable contributions to engineering and transportation, from the ground-transportation revolution of the mid-19th century to the early days of aviation.

    • Contributor: Short, Simine
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2012-02-29
  • Esmeralda Santiago: 2011 National Book Festival

    Esmeralda Santiago appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Santiago, Esmeralda
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • Harry Bliss: Book Fest 05

    Illustrator Harry Bliss at the 2005 National Book Festival

    • Contributor: Bliss, Harry
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-09-24
  • Elizabeth Alexander: 2010 National Book Festival

    Poet Elizabeth Alexander presents at the 2010 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Alexander, Elizabeth
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-09-25
  • Rita Dove: 2011 National Book Festival

    Rita Dove appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Dove, Rita
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • River of Words Awards 2006

    Former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass returned to the Library of Congress to moderate a program honoring the student winners of the 10th annual River of Words environmental poetry and art contest. Young poets and artists, in kindergarten through 12th grade from around the country, read their poems, displayed their winning works of art and talked with Hass about their work. Connie McDonald, the ...

    • Contributor: Hass, Robert
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2006-04-22
  • RDA for NACO Catalogers: 1b. Background: FRBR/FRAD

    The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Secretariat presents 25 webcasts as a portion of an online course created and intended for independent AACR2 Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO) participants who are making the transition to RDA: Resource Description and Access for authority work. The course consists of filmed lectures, hands-on guided sessions, online exercises, and follow-up Q&A webinars, with a brief review period following ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2012-03-08
  • Traditional Chinese Zheng Music from Florida

    Ann Yao plays the zheng, a long, horizontal plucked zither that is one the most ancient musical instruments in China. She is joined in this performance by Wang Guowei playing the erhu, a two-stringed fiddle, and by Chen Yihan, playing the pipa, a pear-shaped lute.

    • Contributor: Yao, Ann
    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2011-07-27
  • Seeger Family Concert

    Mike, Peggy, and Pete Seeger with the Short Sisters perform at the Library of Congress March 16, 2007. Forms part of "How Can I Keep From Singing": A Seeger Family Tribute symposium and concert. videorecording | videorecording ; 133 min | Seeger Family Tribute Collection. (Source). March 16, 2007. (Date). Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Seeger, Pete - Seeger, Mike - Seeger, Peggy - Short Sisters
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2007
  • Meg Cabot: Book Fest 05

    Author Meg Cabot at the 2005 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Cabot, Meg
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-09-24
  • Surviving the Internet: Strategies for the High-Tech Reference Desk

    McDermott addresses the sudden appearance of the World Wide Web at the reference desk and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology for librarians.

    • Contributor: McDermott, Irene
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2002-10-25
  • Uma Krishnaswami: 2011 National Book Festival

    Uma Krishnaswami appears at the 2011 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Krishnaswami, Uma
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-09-24
  • Kislak Lecture: Jonathan Spence on Matteo Ricci

    Historian Jonathan D. Spence, one of the foremost experts on modern China, delivers the fourth Jay I. Kislak lecture titled "Mapping the Way: The Chinese Quests of Matteo Ricci."

    • Contributor: Spence, Jonathan
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-04-13
  • Skulls, Scalps and Seminoles: Science and Violence in Florida, 1800-1842

    Exploration of the history of science in Florida during the decades before and after the beginning of U.S. governance in 1821. The lecture emphasizes the context of violence in Florida shaped scientific practices in the region as well as knowledge circulating throughout the United States of Florida's native peoples and natural history. The overlap between science and violence reached its climax during the Second ...

    • Contributor: Strang, Cameron
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-07-14
  • Ground Control: Beyond an Environmental History of the Space Race

    Historians usually depict the space race of the 1960s and 1970s as a pitched technological battle between Cold War political rivals. Yet while U.S. and Soviet spacecraft forced the world to look upward towards the Moon, they also, quite ironically, encouraged citizens across the globe to gaze back down at "spaceship Earth" with a newfound environmental awareness. In this lecture, Neil Maher not only ...

    • Contributor: Maher, Neil
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-07-02
  • Scholarfest S5: Right/Wrong: Perspectives on Notions & Morality

    As part of the two-day celebration of the 15th anniversary of the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, five 10-minute rapid-fire "lightning conversations," followed by 30 minutes of moderated Q+A, covered perspectives on notions and morality.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2015-06-11
  • The eXtensible Catalog: Revealing Library Collections Through Collaborative Open-Source Technology

    The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries (UR) is developing an open-source system called the eXtensible Catalog (UC) to provide easy access to all library resources, both digital and non-digital, incorporating metadata from a variety of databases and in a variety of schemas.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2007-09-17
  • Judith Ortiz Cofer: 2006 National Book Festival

    Judith Ortiz Cofer speaks at the 2006 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Ortiz Cofer, Judith
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2006-09-30
  • Adrienne Mayor: 2014 National Book Festival

    Adrienne Mayor appears at the 2014 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Mayor, Adrienne
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-08-30
  • Through Veterans' Eyes: The Iraq and Afghanistan Experience

    Larry Minear discusses his book "Through Veterans' Eyes: The Iraq and Afghanistan Experience," based on interviews culled from the Library of Congress Veterans History Project collection.

    • Contributor: Minear, Larry
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-11-19
  • The Kislak Pirates Symposium: Panel I, part 2

    Within some 50 years of its discovery, the Americas became a great and growing source of wealth for the Spanish crown. Silks, spices, precious metals and gems flowed across the Pacific to Mexico and Panama as silver and gold were transported across the Gulf of Mexico from Cuba to Spain. Pirates and privateers preyed on these vessels, often as commissioned agents sent out against ...

    • Contributor: Earle, Peter
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2007-12-08
  • Master of the Senate

    Robert A. Caro recently won the Pulitzer Prize in biography for the Master of the Senate (Knopf, 2002) the third volume in his biography of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    • Contributor: Caro, Robert A.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2003-05-20
  • Copland as Good Neighbor: Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America During World War II

    Carol Hess will discuss the beginnings of cultural diplomacy in the United States vis-a-vis the ideology of the Good Neighbor period and this most overtly political of Aaron Copland's Latin American trips.

    • Contributor: Hess, Carol
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-10-07
  • Stewarding Space Data

    A panel discussion from the Digital Preservation 2014 meeting covered how the challenges of preservation data from space are truly astronomical. Four presenters discussed and explored these issues in a range of contexts. These included projects working with satellite data from the 1950s, a database of extragalactic distances occurring in research libraries, and ongoing work on managing space data and data from satellites at ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-07-22
  • Americans All: Good Neighbor Cultural Diplomacy in World War II

    Darlene J. Sadlier explores how the CIAA used film,radio, the press, and various educational and high-art activities to convince people in the United States of the importance of good neighbor relations with Latin America, while also persuading Latin Americans that the United States recognized and appreciated the importance of our southern neighbors. She examines the CIAA's working relationship with Hollywood's Motion Picture Society of ...

    • Contributor: Sadlier, Darlene J.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-04-22