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  • After Watchmen & Maus: Exploring the Graphic Novel

    Heidi MacDonald discusses the progress of the graphic novel after the successes of the two groundbreaking works from the end of the last century, "Maus" and "Watchmen."

    • Contributor: Macdonald, Heidi
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-09-13
  • Henry Threadgill's Zooid

    A rare Washington appearance from Henry Threadgill, "one of the most important living composers in and around the jazz idiom" (Nate Chinen) and a dazzling alto saxophonist and flutist with masterly improvisational skills.

    • Contributor: Threadgill, Henry
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-10-25
  • Herblock: The Life and Work of the Great Political Cartoonist

    Marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of political cartoonist Herbert Block, authors Haynes Johnson and Harry L. Katz discuss their book "HERBLOCK: The Life and Works of the Great Political Cartoonist," published by the Library of Congress and Herb Block Foundation, in association with W.W. Norton & Company. Arranged chronologically, the book illustrates the influence of history on Herblock's work as well as ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-10-15
  • How About That! The Life of Mel Allen

    Stephen Borelli, baseball editor of USA Today Sports Weekly, discussed his new book, "How About That! The Life of Mel Allen," the first biography of Allen, one of the most famous sports broadcasters in American history. CNN's Larry King praised the volume as "a wonderful book about a wonderful life; I knew and loved Mel Allen and Borelli captures him in full measure." The ...

    • Contributor: Borelli, Stephen
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-10-18
  • Lionel Loueke Trio

    videorecording | videorecording ; 92 min | West African harmonies and jazz rhythms are seamlessly blended by guitarist/singer/composer Lionel Loueke with Massimo Biolcati on bass and Ferenc Nemeth on drums. (Content). Recorded December 3, 2010 (Date). Speaker Biography: Originally from the small West African nation of Benin, guitarist Lionel Loueke has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past several years. In 2008 and 2009, ...

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Loueke, Lionel
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010
  • Interview with Colleen Applebaugh, Naples, Italy, November 19, 2001

    • Contributor: George, Scott Edward - Applebaugh, Colleen
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2001-11-19
  • Work & Transformation: Panels 3 & 4

    This symposium featured presentations by the 2010 recipients of the American Folklife Center's Archie Green Fellowships on their research and documentation of the culture and traditions of American workers in New York, Idaho, and Louisiana. Panels also included representatives of community-based documentation projects supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services concerning the role of America's libraries and museums as vibrant centers for ...

    • Contributor: Barr, Christina L. - Boone, Mary L. - Bulger, Peggy A. - Chute, Mary L. - Cohn, D'Vera - Correa, Jennifer - D'Abate, Richard - Deloach, Lynda - Dewhurst, C. Kurt - Greenhouse, Steven - Groen, Jeffrey A. - Iyengar, Sunil - Loughran, Maureen - McCarl, Robert - Popovich, Mark G. - Ray, Joyce M. - Rogers, Nancy E. - Rothstein, Donna S. (Donna Suzann) - Semmel, Marsha L. - Spitzer, Nicholas R. - Tabb, Derrick - Taft, Michael - Taylor, David Alan - Winick, Stephen D. - Wunder, Steve R. - Zeitlin, Steven J. - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - Institute of Museum and Library Services (U.S.) - Archie Green Fund for Labor Culture & History
    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2010-12-07
  • I'm Frozen and I Can't Play a Thing!: Stage Fright and the Brain

    Norman Middleton recalls famous artists with the afflictions of stage fright and discusses recent research into solving the condition, through medication and altered thinking patterns that exacerbate the problem.

    • Contributor: Middleton, Norman
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-04-09
  • Li-Young Lee

    • Contributor: Lee, LI Young
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2003-10-04
  • A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond

    Cory Doctorow discusses the challenges facing authors and cultural heritage institutions with the increasing use of electronic texts.

    • Contributor: Doctorow, Cory
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2012-10-17
  • Lalita Tademy: Book Fest 07

    Lalita Tademy in a presentation at the 2007 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Tademy, Lalita
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2007-09-29
  • Explorers Emigrants Citizens: A Visual History of the Italian American Experience

    Linda Barrett Osborne and Paolo Battaglia discuss their new book comprising a visual history of the Italian American experience from the collections of the Library.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-10-30
  • William Least Heat-Moon

    • Contributor: Heat Moon, William Least
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2001-09-08
  • Bernstein Meets Broadway

    The composer Leonard Bernstein once wrote that his now-famous "West Side Story" of 1957 included a plea for racial tolerance as materials reveal in the Bernstein Collection in the Music Division of the Library of Congress. This lecture traces Bernstein's composer-activism back to "On the Town" of 1944, which was his first Broadway show and grew out of a fruitful collaboration with Betty Comden, ...

    • Contributor: Oja , Carol J.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-02-07
  • Multiculturalism and the Rule of Law: Law Day 2010

    In recognition of Law Day 2010, the Law Library of Congress will present a program titled "You Be the Judge: Cross-Cultural Issues in the Courts." In this engaging and highly interactive presentation, audience members use hand-held technology to "vote" on the outcome of vignettes drawn from real cases and presented by an inter-disciplinary panel of some of the nation's leading cross-cultural experts.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-05-03
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Historical Fiction

    The construction of historical fiction requires the attributes of good story telling plus some important additional components. Novelist David L. Robbins -- whose most recent political thriller, "The Assassins Gallery," imagines the assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt -- discussed the building blocks of historical novels in a lecture sponsored by the Center for the Book. Robbins discussed the importance of research, the role ...

    • Contributor: Robbins, David L.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2007-10-24
  • Africa: Re-Sourcing History

    David Birmingham presents a lecture on "Africa: Re-Sourcing History."

    • Contributor: Birmingham, David
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-11-14
  • Dana Gioia

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2003-10-04
  • Deep Brain Stimulation and Other Brain Technologies

    In May 2005, the Library of Congress, the Dana Foundation, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Mental Health gathered leaders in neuroscience and ethics to discuss the rights and wrongs of using or not using new therapies and enhancements. By defining the most advanced and promising research findings, the conference sought to dispel public confusion about what brain science today can and cannot ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-05-10
  • Community Approaches to Digital Stewardship

    This panel from the Digital Preservation 2014 meeting features brief presentations about cooperative approaches to digital stewardship from the Academic Preservation Trust, the Research Data Alliance, the Preserving Digital Objects with Restricted Resources (PoWRR) and the Five Colleges Consortium followed by a panel discussion comparing and contrasting models for collaboration. The discussion is moderated by Meg Phillips of the National Archives and include Fran ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-07-22
  • 2014 Junior Fellows

    An overview of the Summer 2014 Junior Fellows program at the Library of Congress.

    • Contributor: Various
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-11-18
  • James McBride: 2013 National Book Festival

    James McBride appears at the 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: McBride, James
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-09-21
  • TR on Fifth Avenue, New York, near St. Patrick's Cathedral after attending Mayor Mitchel's funeral /

    As an honorary pallbearer at the funeral of former New York City Mayor John P. Mitchel on July 11, 1918, TR appears with other funeral participants on Fifth Avenue. Surrounded by men in formal dress, TR speaks briefly with unidentified military officer; standing in group are men tentatively identified as Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, and financier George W. Perkins, both pallbearers ...

    • Contributor: Roosevelt, Theodore - Mitchel, John Purroy - Butler, Nicholas Murray - Perkins, George W. (George Walbridge) - American Motion Picture Company - Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1918
  • A trip around the Pan-American Exposition /

    The entire film was photographed from an excursion vessel traveling through all of the waterways surrounding the Exposition. The major exhibit buildings and amusement attractions of the fair can be seen as the boat makes its way through the area, going through tunnels and under bridges. "The Pan-American Exposition is encircled by an especially constructed canal, which was put in for the purpose of ...

    • Contributor: Thomas A. Edison, Inc - Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1901
  • Consuming Landscapes: Parkways in Germany and the United States, 1920-1970

    One of the earliest environmental repercussions of the 20th century's car culture were new roads celebrating landscape. In a seemingly paradoxical fashion, a new technology was used to embellish nature. This talk explores the way roads have been redesigned for the automobile as parkways since the 1920s in the United States and Germany, what meanings they acquired and how drivers and passengers experienced them.

    • Contributor: Zeller, Tom
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2008-01-23