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  • Charles F. McDew oral history interview conducted by Joseph Mosnier in Albany, Georgia, 2011-06-04.

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Mosnier, Joseph - McDew, Charles
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-06-04

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  • Ruby Nell Sales oral history interview conducted by Joseph Mosnier in Atlanta, Georgia, 2011-04-25.

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Sales, Ruby - Mosnier, Joseph
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011-04-25

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  • Oliver W. Hill, Jr., oral history interview conducted by David P. Cline in Petersburg, Virginia, 2013-08-17.

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Cline, David P. - Hill, Oliver W.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-08-17

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  • Levi & Cohen, the Irish comedians /

    Opens on a vaudeville or variety stage with a flat painted curtain of a stone fence and garden. On the right side of the stage sits a sign that reads "Zuzu Daffy, Singing Soubret." A boy in an usher's uniform crosses the stage and replaces the sign with one that reads "Levi and Cohen, Irish Comedians." The boy exits, and the curtain rises to ...

    • Contributor: American Mutoscope and Biograph Company
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1903
  • Review

    videorecording | 1 videorecording ; 5 min., 41 sec. | 16:9 Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Brewer, Christine - Rutenberg, Craig - Dougherty, Celius
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2012
  • Interview with Anthony Brudios, Naples, Italy, November 19, 2001

    • Contributor: Brudios, Anthony - George, Scott Edward
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2001-11-19
  • Torcuato Zamora: Flamenco Guitar with Dancers from Furia Flamenco

    A concert featuring guitarist Torcuato Zamora and flamenco dance company Furia Flamenco.

    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2014-04-23
  • Cultural Heritage Archives Symposium Session 2

    In Session 2 of the symposium, a panel discusses archival description. The Cultural Heritage Archives symposium aims to energize the discussion of ethnographic archival thought and practice by presenting fresh and dynamic strategies for contemporary archival realities. It will also provide a forum for new voices to present and discuss emerging archival initiatives as well as case studies focused on several key topics for ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-09-26
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West parade /

    The film shows a parade down Fifth Avenue, New York. In the foreground many children, both black and white, can be seen following alongside the parade. The participants in the parade include cowboys, Indians, and soldiers in the uniform of the United States Cavalry on horseback and riding horse-drawn coaches. Buffalo Bill can be seen on horseback, lifting his hat to the crowd.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1902
  • Esquimaux leap-frog /

    The film, photographed from a single camera position, shows buildings resembling igloos on ice floes, in front of which persons clothed as Eskimos play a game of leapfrog. From a contemporary Edison film company catalog: SCENE IN THE ESQUIMAUX VILLAGE. Ungulado. [code for telegraphic orders]. This shows several Esquimaux at the game of "Misheetak," or leap frog, which differs somewhat from the civilized game, ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1901
  • Dunham Technique: Breathing

    With funds from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Library of Congress undertook the documentation of Katherine Dunham's dance technique during 2001-2003. Included in this website are clips on breathing; contractions; fall and recovery with body roll; pull-through contraction or full body roll; second position plié with footwork; second position plié with parallel stretch in fourth position; second position plié with contraction and release ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
  • Passaic Falls /

    From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: A beautiful picture of the falls of the Passaic River, near Paterson, N.J.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1896
  • Charleston chain-gang /

    Apparently, the film was photographed from a compound bordered by high walls and buildings. At a distance of fifty yards in the direction that the camera is pointed a column of men can be seen walking backwards and holding a chain under their arms. All the men are dressed the same. Two men carrying shotguns gesture to indicate the chain gang should move. They ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1902
  • Mary Jones oral history interview conducted by Will Griffin in Albany, Georgia, 2013-03-09.

    • Contributor: Civil Rights History Project (U.S.) - Griffin, Willie James - Jones, Mary A.
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013-03-09

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  • TR speaking in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1918 /

    Views of TR, wearing a mourning armband for his son Quentin, delivering a speech from a covered platform to a large crowd gathered in an open area of what appears to be a factory and surrounding area; close-up of TR, prepared text in hand, speaking to the camera.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1918
  • Bob Milne at the Library of Congress an oral history with Jennifer Cutting

    videorecording | 1 digital video file (1 hr., 7 min., 11 sec.) : sd., col. | Interviewer: Jennifer Cutting; piano: Bob Milne. (Cast). Courtesy of Bob Milne. (Permission). Bob Milne, ragtime pianist, discusses his experiences as a performer of ragtime music and demonstrates ragtime music performance style in an interview with Jennifer Cutting, Library of Congress. (Summary). Recorded in the Coolidge Auditorium, October 14, ...

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Milne, Bob, Pianist - Cutting, Jennifer - Coolidge Auditorium (Library of Congress)
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2004

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  • Catalog Record

    Bicycle trick riding, no. 2 / Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available

    Opens with a man riding a bicycle in a backwards circle, on a stage with a painted backdrop of a city street. He dismounts, then remounts the cycle and rides in a forwards circle, pausing and balancing for a moment as he rears up and spins the front wheel. Continuing in the circle, the man moves in front of the handlebars and continues pedaling ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1899
  • Interview with Christina Rico, Naples, Italy, November 15, 2001

    • Contributor: Rico, Christina - George, Scott Edward
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2001-11-15
  • Hopi Indians dance for TR at [Walpi, Ariz.] 1913 /

    On August 20, 1913, TR, numerous visitors, and Hopi Indians observe the performance of the ritual Hopi snake-dance at Walpi, Arizona, on the Hopi Reservation. TR was on a journey through the Southwest with his sons Archie and Quentin, and a young cousin, Nicholas Roosevelt. Crowds, seated and standing, are scattered over adobe dwellings watching the ceremony. The snake-dance takes place around a rough ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1913
  • Batucada

    Originally recorded on 16mm at various performances between 1943-1944, the film contains sections of Dunham works Tropics (6 minutes), with Miss Dunham as the Woman with the Cigar; Son (2 minutes); Rara Tonga (4 minutes); Rhumba Jive (2 minutes), title also given as Rumba with a Little Jive Mixed In); Choros #1 (2 minutes); Batacuda (1 minute); Bolero (1 minute); L'Ag'Ya (10 minutes) Market ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
  • Launch of life boat /

    "Pacific Coast Life Saving Service series: These subjects are illustrative of the work performed by the Life Saving Corps of the United States Government, and show the methods in vogue at one of the most important stations on either side of our Continent. The exact routine pursued in actual practice is clearly illustrated. We are particularly indebted to Major T.J. Blakeney, Superintendent of the ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1897
  • Black Pearls Restrung: Hebrew and Yiddish Artists' Books at the Library of Congress

    Like their counterparts in other languages, artists' books in Hebrew and Yiddish embrace the new, the innovative; and they achieve their artistic vision in ways that range from the cutting edge of technology to a mastery of book arts planted firmly in the traditions of the past. In this talk, Ann Brener casts a curator's eye over the Hebraic artist's books in the Library ...

    • Contributor: Brener, Ann
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-02-10
  • California here I come [illustrated]

    motion picture | 1 video ; 3 min. | Audio track from Victor 19261-A as found on the Library of Congress Jukebox (General). Pictures used: Washington, D.C. Snow-covered cars and broken limbs felled by a storm (http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/fsa.8b37438) -- Westward Ho! (http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3b32810) -- View from Twin Peaks, Aug. 1, 1929 (http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3c02728) -- In the heart of modern Chinatown, San Francisco, Calif. (http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3b44570) -- [Unidentified house, ...

    • Contributor: Victor Records - Manhattan Merrymakers - Price, George - Desylva, G. (Buddy Gard) - Meyer, Joseph - Jolson, Al
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1924
  • Justice

    Videorecording. Filmed Operas.. electronic | composed by Roger Reynolds. (Statement Of Responsibility). Title from screen (viewed on March 20, 2009). Commissioned by the Julian E. Berla and Freda Hauptman Berla Fund in the Library of Congress for the celebration of the Library's Bicentennial. Carmen Pelton, soprano; Steven Schick, percussion; Donnah Welby, actress. (Performers). Recorded at the Thomas Jefferson Building's Great Hall on November 30, ...

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Pelton, Carmen - Schick, Steven - Welby, Donnah - Fonte, Henry
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2001
  • Congress of nations /

    From Edison films catalog: A new and sensational film, which deals in a highly up-to-date manner with the international situation. A magician steps upon the stage carrying a hoop covered with white paper. Then in quick succession the flags of Germany, Russia, Ireland, England and China are brought forth and from each a soldier is produced corresponding with the flag of each nation. The ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1900