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  • Curtis Chamber Orchestra

    Robert Spano leads the Curtis Chamber Orchestra in an exclusive Washington, D.C. appearance. Violist Roberto Díaz premieres a new concerto by Jennifer Higdon, commissioned by the Library of Congress and the Curtis Institute, and Spano puts on his composer hat for a performance of his Hölderlin-Lieder. The orchestra rounds out the program with works by Prokofiev and Mozart.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2015-03-07
  • Scholarfest S3: Life/Present: Personal & Cultural Identity in a Multicultural World

    As part of the two-day celebration of the 15th anniversary of the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, seven 10-minute rapid-fire "lightning conversations" (followed by 20 minutes of moderated Q&A) covered the topic of personal and cultural identity in a multicultural world.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2015-06-11
  • Preserving & Providing Access to Electronic Federal Publications

    Kate Zwaard discussed how the GPO's Federal Digital Systems (FDsys) is helping the agency meet its mission of preserving and providing access to authentic Federal government information. FDsys forms the backbone of GPO's digital content workflow, giving the agency the tools it needs to preserve and provide access to digital content free from dependence on specific hardware or software. Currently in public beta with ...

    • Contributor: Zwaard, Kate
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-11-16
  • D. W. Groethe -- Cowboy songs and poetry from Montana

    D. W. Groethe performs cowboy songs and poetry from Montana at the Library of Congress, July 20, 2005. videorecording | videorecording ; 58 min | Homegrown Concert Series. (Source). July 20, 2005. (Date). Groethe, a working cowboy, performs his own compositions as well as traditional songs. (Content). D. W. Groethe was born and grew up in western North Dakota, the third generation descendant of ...

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Groethe, D. W. - Swaney, Alexandra - Bulger, Peggy A.
    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2005
  • The sound of Broadway music - Great Broadway orchestrators discussed by people who knew them and worked with them

    videorecording | videorecording : 107 min. | Recorded in the Coolidge Auditourium, Library of Congress, Washington DC. (Venue). Recorded on May 6, 2009 at 1:30 PM. (Date). Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Library of Congress
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009
  • Open thy lattice, love

    videorecording | From Favorites from the Song of America Tour with Thomas Hampson, baritone, and Wolfram Rieger, piano. Recorded in the Coolidge Auditorium, Washington, DC, October 28, 2010. (Source Characteristics). Videorecording (Form).

    • Contributor: Foster, Stephen Collins - Hampson, Thomas - Rieger, Wolfram
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 1861
  • The Great Tradition of Ancient South Asia: From Sanskrit Literature to the Archaeology of the Harappan/Indus Civilization

    This lecture focuses on the puzzles of the earliest South Asian civilization -- the Harappan/Indus Civilization of the 3rd millennium BC -- from the point of view of ancient Indian thought. The main themes discussed in the lecture are: the use of ancient texts in the analysis of archaeological data, the historicity of ancient Indian literature, the sociopolitical identity of the Harappan culture, and ...

    • Contributor: Eltsov, Peter
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-07-09
  • The Stations that Spoke Your Language: Radio and the Yiddish-American Cultural Renaissance (Day 2, afternoon)

    Leading Yiddish language and culture experts joined media scholars and Library of Congress specialists to address Yiddish radio in America: its history and cultural impact, its continuing influence on American media, and its multifaceted legacy. (Day 2, afternoon)

    • Contributor: Various - Apelbaum, Laura Cohen - Barton, Matthew - Gevinson, Alan - Goldsmith, Emanuel S. - Gottesman, Itzik Nakhmen - Hoog, Ann - Isaacs, Miriam - Jochnowitz, Eve - Joselit, Jenna Weissman - Mayrent, Sherry L. - Newman, Roberta - Pearlstein, Peggy K. - Rein, David M. - Russo, Alexander - Sapoznik, Henry - Seigel, Amanda - Sokolow, Pete - Taub, Yermiyahu Ahron - Ticktin, Max D. - American Folklife Center - Archive of Folk Culture (Library of Congress) - Yiddish of Greater Washington Inc - University of Wisconsin. Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture
    • Original Format: Film, Video - Manuscripts/Mixed Material - Collection
    • Date: 2012-09-07
  • Being a Rockefeller: Becoming Myself, A Memoir

    Eileen Rockefeller discussed and signed her memoir.

    • Contributor: Rockefeller, Eileen
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-05-02
  • The Lion of Judah: Prince Ermias Sahle-Selsssie

    His Royal Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selsssie Haile Selassie discusses his work.

    • Contributor: Sahle Selassie , Prince Ermias
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-12-09
  • Allegra Goodman: 2010 National Book Festival

    Author Allegra Goodman speaks at the 2010 National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Goodman , Allegra
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010-09-25
  • Nicholas Sparks: 2009 National Book Festival

    Nicholas Sparks, author of successful best-sellers turned into popular films appears at the National Book Festival.

    • Contributor: Sparks, Nicholas
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-09-26
  • Despotism, Market and Confucianism in the Age of Wang Yang-Ming

    Ying-shih Yu, senior distinguished scholar at the John W. Kluge Center, discussed "Despotism, Market and Confucianism in the Age of Wang Yang-Ming (1472-1529)." According to Yu, despotism, trade and Confucianism were the three major historical forces simultaneously at work in 16th century China. Taking Wang Yang-Ming, the leading Confucian thinker of the Ming dynasty, and his new Confucian project as the main focus, Yu ...

    • Contributor: Yu, Ying Shih
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-11-03
  • Books--Before and Beyond: Publishing in the 21st Century

    Barbara Peters and Robert Rosenwald, owners of Poisoned Pen Books and Poisoned Pen Press in Scottsdale, Ariz., discussed both the mystery genre and the state of publishing in America. Drawing on their longtime experience in bookselling, publishing and editing, Peters and Rosenwald ask, "How does the medium influence the message?" Their program takes a brief look at book and print technology past, present and ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2008-10-07
  • Conversation with Justin Kauflin

    Justin Kauflin spoke with Karen Keninger and John Hanson and answered a variety of questions from the audience about his experience and career before his concert performance in the Coolidge Auditorium.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-10-22
  • Research on Magnetic Media Deterioration Before and After 1995

    Since John van Bogart's seminal work "Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling" published by the Commission on Preservation and Access (now CLIR) in 1995, a variety of tools and techniques have been developed by the collections management community to identify magnetic media collections that are at risk and conduct conservation activities. One important tool is the videotape identification guide,, which was prepared by the ...

    • Contributor: Stauderman, Sarah
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2005-08-23
  • Nora Pouillon: 2015 National Book Festival

    Nora Pouillon discusses "My Organic Life: How a Pioneering Chef Helped Shape the Way We Eat Today" at the 2015 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Pouillon, Nora
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2015-09-05
  • Women in the Persian Gulf War

    The Library's Veterans History Project commemorated Women's History Month with a landmark panel discussion on the contributions of women to the Persian Gulf War and the impact on women veterans in the more than 20 years since.

    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2012-03-27
  • Dunham Technique: Contractions

    In 2002, with funds from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Library of Congress undertook the documentation of Katherine Dunham's dance technique. Included in this website are clips on breathing; contractions; fall and recovery; pull-through contraction or full body roll; second position plié with footwork; second position plié with parallel stretch in fourth position; second position plié with contraction and release variations; advanced second ...

    • Original Format: Film, Video
  • Japanese Influences in 20th Century American Music

    videorecording | videorecording ; 60 min | The history of the cross-cultural interaction between American composers and Japan is documented in unpublished and published scores, manuscripts, and correspondence held, often uniquely, in the Music Division of the Library of Congress. In this lecture, W. Anthony Sheppard examines examples of this relationship in the works of Henry Eichheim (1870-1942), Claude Lapham (1890-1957), Henry Cowell (1897-1965), ...

    • Contributor: Library of Congress - Sheppard, W. Anthony
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2010
  • Raina Telgemeier: 2014 National Book Festival

    Author and cartoonist Raina Telgemeier appears at the 2014 Library of Congress National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.

    • Contributor: Telgemeier, Raina
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2014-08-30
  • The Approach of the Halakah and Sharia' to Contemporary Legal Issues

    Judaic and Islamic legal systems (based on Halakah and Sharia', respectively) have endured for centuries despite the rapid changes and challenges of the modern world --from exploration of outer space to human cloning. They serve as a testimony to the relevance and universality of their underlying values and principles. The potential application of these legal systems to the development of foreign policy was the ...

    • Contributor: Various
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-06-17
  • Breaking the Holocaust Silence: A Hidden Hasidic Text of 1947 - and Elie Wiesel

    Gershon Greenberg will deliver the 10th Annual Myron M. Weinstein Memorial Lecture on the Hebraic Book. The lecture was titled "Breaking the Holocaust Silence: A Hidden Hasidic Text of 1947--and Elie Wiesel." The lecture series honors Myron M. Weinstein (1927-1998), whose 29-year tenure at the Library was spent in the Hebraic Section.

    • Contributor: Greenberg, Gershon
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2009-05-13
  • Thomas Walter Gaither oral history interview conducted by Joseph Mosnier in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

    Thomas Gaither recalls growing up in Great Falls, South Carolina, attending Claflin College, and leading the college's National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter. He remembers the student sit-ins in Orangeburg, South Carolina, joining the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and being arrested for protesting in Hollywood, Florida. He discusses organizing the Freedom Rides, his belief in nonviolence, and earning his ...

    • Contributor: Gaither, Thomas Walter - Mosnier, Joseph - Civil Rights History Project (U.S.)
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2011

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  • Ben Caldwell oral history interview conducted by David P. Cline in Los Angeles, California,

    Ben Caldwell shares his family's history in the Southwest and his childhood experience in New Mexico. Caldwell describes his military service during the Vietnam War and how his experiences made him reflect on racial prejudices in the United States. He began studying art, and he eventually moved to Los Angeles, where he has been part of a black arts movement since the 1970s. He ...

    • Contributor: Caldwell, Ben R. - Cline, David P. - Civil Rights History Project (U.S.)
    • Original Format: Film, Video
    • Date: 2013

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