FLICC Suggestions on Ways to Improve FEDLINK Customer Service  

In an effort to continue improving the level of service at FEDLINK, we ask all members to review and comment on the following areas and items of interest.

Simply print this page from your browser and fax your comments and suggestions to FEDLINK. If you would like more information or have questions about our customer service initiatives, please call the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline (202-707-4900).

FEDLINK Fiscal Operations (FFO)

How could we improve the IAG process to make it more efficient for you? What areas create bottlenecks for you or cause you frustration?

How could FEDLINK improve financial services so that they are more understandable/useful for you?

FEDLINK Network Operations (FNO)

When you think about procurement, what services would you suggest to complement current FEDLINK service options?

What frustrates or causes you difficulty in dealing with FEDLINK contracts?

FLICC Publications and Education (FPE)

Would offering more announcements, newsletters, and other resources in an electronic format (via the FLICC/FEDLINK Web site) be more or less beneficial to you than traditional printed materials?

How useful to you is the FEDLINK Technical Notes newsletter? What information is most helpful? What other issues or topics would you like to see covered?


What positive experiences have you had working with FEDLINK? What negative experiences have you had working with FEDLINK?

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FLICC Federal Library and
Information Center Committee

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