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Authority and Eligibility for the FEDLINK Program

The FEDLINK program is designed to help librarians, contracting officers, and finance staff save time, save effort, and save money when buying and using commercial online services, CD-ROMs, books, periodicals, and other library and information services. Through FEDLINK, the Library of Congress shares its expertise in library and information services and consolidates the buying power of federal agencies.
Section 103 of P.L. 106-481 (2 U.S.C. 182c) establishes FEDLINK as a revolving fund, effective Fiscal Year 2002. The law authorizes the FEDLINK revolving fund to provide "the procurement of commercial information services, publications in any format, and library support services,...related accounting services,...related education, information and support services" to federal offices and to other organizations entitled to use federal sources of supply (Subpart (f)(1)). This work is conducted under interagency agreements (IAGs) between LC and FEDLINK "member" agencies.
The Library of Congress Contracts and Logistics Services (LC/C&L) conducts FEDLINK procurement. It is Library of Congress policy to follow the FAR in its own contracting, even though technically, as a Legislative branch agency, LC is not subject to that regulation. For the FEDLINK program, LC follows the FAR as a service to FEDLINK members, most of whom are Executive agencies subject to the FAR. FEDLINK contractual vehicles are normally basic ordering agreements (BOAs), pursuant to 48 C.F.R. § 16.7. They are administered by LC contracting officers with support from FEDLINK librarians who serve as contracting officers' technical representatives (COTRs).
Advance Payment
Because FEDLINK has revolving fund authority, FEDLINK customers can advance funds to pay for products and services.
Business Rules for Intragovernmental Exchange Transactions
FEDLINK is in procedural compliance with the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Business Rules for Intragovernmental Exchange Transactions (Office of Management and Budget Memorandum # M-03-01).


LC is authorized to provide FEDLINK services to other federal agencies and to organizations that are authorized to use federal sources of supply. Accordingly, FEDLINK services are available to any library, information center, or other activity (such as offices of general counsel, procurement units, information resource management departments, laboratories, etc.) within the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of the United States federal government, including activities within all branches of the U.S. armed forces.
In some cases, non-governmental entities may use FEDLINK services. Contractors working for federal agencies, for example, may be authorized to use government supply sources and may therefore be eligible to use FEDLINK. The LC General Counsel has determined that FEDLINK cannot assume that a contractor or other non-governmental entity who registers for the program is eligible. LC must inquire by what authority the request to use FEDLINK is made.

Therefore, if your organization is a contractor or other entity authorized to use government supply sources by 48 C.F.R. § 51 and FAR 51.102, the agency's administrator for your contract or another authorized federal official must send a letter to the FLICC Executive Director specifying that your status enables you to use FEDLINK.