Handbook of Federal Librarianship


by Amy B. DeGroff

This chapter is an extensive listing of online and print resources relevant to the field of librarianship, in general. Resources specific to the work of federal librarians are cited whenever available. The citations have been grouped together by topic and arranged alphabetically. Annotations provide brief summaries of the publications and Web sites' content. Included among the citations are many "free and practically free resources." If you would like to add a topic, resource, or notice a link is broken, please send an email to [email protected].

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American Library Association

See " Professional Associations" under the topic of Library Science

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Contracting Out and Outsourcing

OMB Circular A-76, Performance of Commercial Activities

Circular A-76 Revised Supplemental Handbook

Circular A-76 Transmittal Memorandum #18, February 1998

A-76 Revised

Implementing the FAIR Act

Mary Ellen Bates, "Avoiding the Ax: How to Keep from Being Downsized or Outsourced," SLA Information Outlook, October 1997

Sandy Schwalb, "The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing: The Changing, Evolving Scene for Information Professionals," Database, June 1997

Allan V. Burman, "New Contracting Takes Talent and Skill," GovExec, December 1999

Brian Friel, "Agencies say most federal jobs 'not inherently governmental'," GovExec, January 11, 2000

Brian Friel, "Agencies make few changes to outsourcing lists," GovExec, February 29, 2000

Brian Friel, "OMB to propose FAIR Act process changes," GovExec, March 10, 2000.

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Copyright: Online

United States Copyright Office: The Library of Congress
• Web site featuring information on the basics of copyright, copyright FAQ, legislation, and a list of publications

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Copyright: Print

Copyright: A Practical Guide. by William S. Strong.1993. 4th edition

Copyright Primer for Librarians and Educators. By Janis Bruwelheide,
Chicago, IL:
American Library Association , 1998. 2nd edition.

Guidelines for Educational Use of Copyrighted Materials: Designed for Educators and Librarians in the Higher Education Setting. edited by Peggy Hoon. Pullman,
Wash.: Washington State University Press, c1997.

Libraries and Copyright: A Guide to Copyright Law in the 1990s. By L. Gasaway (1994).

Technology and Copyright Law : A Guidebook for the Library, Research, and
Teaching Professions
by Arlene Bielefield and Lawrence Cheeseman. NewYork:
Neal-Schumann Publishing, 1997.

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Directories: Library Directories: Print

American Library Directory: 1998-1999 51st ed. New Providence, NJ: R.R. Bowker, 1998.
• directory of libraries in the United States, Canada and Mexico
• lists library networks, consortia and libraries in schools
• organization and personnel indexes

Directory of Federal Libraries. edited by William R. Evinger. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1997.
• listing of more than 2200 federal libraries, organized by branch of government

Directory of Federal Libraries and Information Centers 1994. by Martha Hollins. Washington, DC: United States Department of Education, 1997
• listing of domestic federal libraries and information centers, compiled in 1994 in response to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics

Encyclopedia of Associations, 1999. 34th ed. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Inc., 1999.
• directory of American associations arranged by subject
• name, keyword, geographic and personnel indexes

Look-It-Up Guide to Washington Libraries and Archives. by Laura Bergheim, 1995.
• basic guide to the many unique collections held by Washington, DC libraries and archives
• detailed descriptions of collections, including access information
• basic table of contents; detailed index

Subject Collections: A Guide to Special Book Collections and Subject Emphasis as Reported by University, College, Public and Special Libraries and Museums in the United States and Canada. 7th ed. New Providence, NJ: R.R. Bowker, 1993
• directory of manuscript and object collections in United States repositories
• arranged by subject area
• no indexes or table of contents

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Directories: Library Directories: Online

Libraries on the World Wide Web. International Coverage
• search by subject area and location

Yahoo's Library Directory

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Document Delivery: Online

• software program developed by the National Library of Medicine to send documents over the Internet
• can retrieve documents via Ariel System*, WWW, and e-mail
*By using the Ariel system (developed by the Research Libraries Group), a librarian can scan a document such as a journal article to create bitmapped images. Ariel can send these images to another Ariel system, and it can send them to any computer running DocView. When DocView receives the document images, it notifies the user, who in turn can view or print the document.

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Executive Branch: Online

Official Government Web Sites: Executive Branch Agencies
• Library of Congress compiled Internet resources
• alphabetical list of executive branch agencies with Web sites

White House
• White House's official Web site

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Government Information Resources: Online

Census data
• data describing the people and the economy of the U.S. state and county from 1790 to 1970
• developed by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Congressional Quarterly's WWW Site
• free and paid databases and resources
• includes a list of Congressional Quarterly's publications and resources, along with detailed information about upcoming symposia and conferences.

Core Documents of Democracy
• provides direct online access to basic federal government documents. It includes a core group of current and historical government publications is available for free, permanent, public access via GPO Access

Defense Technical Information Service: Technical Report Database
• free database offered to general public
• public release technical report citations to full text reports since 1985
• contains defense information along with information relating to:
    Biological and Medical Sciences
    Environmental Pollution
    Social Sciences
    DoD Directives and Instructions
    budget estimates and Research and Development Descriptive Summaries
    Conference and Symposia Proceedings
    patents and patent applications

The FDLP Directory
• locate a Federal Depository Library.

FDLP Electronic Collection
Collectively, the electronic Government information products that are in the scope of the FDLP comprise the FDLP Electronic Collection, which consists of four elements:
• core legislative and regulatory GPO Access products which will reside permanently on GPO Access servers;
• other remotely accessible products managed by either GPO or by other institutions with which GPO has established formal agreements; • remotely accessible electronic government information products that GPO identifies, describes, and links to but which remain under the control of the originating agencies; and
• tangible electronic government information products distributed to federal depository libraries

FedWorld Information Network
• free locator service for information available through the federal government
• developed by The National Technical Information Service (NTIS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce

GPO Finding Aids
• have been developed by GPO and its partners (including depository libraries).
• They provide links to government information products at other federal government agency sites such as Browse Electronic Titles (BETs), Browse Topics and Government Information Locator Service (GILS). Other aids help users find products in depository libraries or for sale by GPO

Guidelines for the Federal Depository Library Program
• sets forth program and performance goals for the FDLP and the GPO

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Government Information Resources: Print

Congressional Quarterly's Desk Reference on American Government: by Bruce Wetterau, 1996.
• basic and detailed information about American government arranged in question and answer format; covers the U.S. Government, including the U.S. Constitution; Congress; the Supreme Court; the Presidency; and campaigns and elections
• topically arranged
• table of contents and index

Congressional Quarterly's Washington Information Directory (Annual)
• listings for agencies, congressional committees, and non-profit groups
• topically arranged
• detailed table of contents and index

Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970 U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census., 1975.
• statistical data from various census publications co-located and arranged by subject
• includes citation and annotations referring to sources of greater detail
• basic table of contents; time period index; subject index

Tapping the Government Grapevine: The User-Friendly Guide to U.S. Government Information Sources. by Judith Schiek Robinson, 1998. 3rd edition.
• explanation of government documents, from their creation to their distribution to GPO libraries world-wide
• basic table of contents; detailed index

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Judicial Branch: Online

Federal Court Finder Emory Law Library
• links to information on all eleven federal circuit courts and the U.S. Court of Appeals

Federal Judiciary Home Page
• information on publications about the federal judiciary

State Courts:
• directory to online resources about state courts

United States Supreme Court WWW Links
• a collection of links providing information about the Supreme Court and decisions they handed down, from law schools including Cornell and Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy

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Laws, Legislation: see Regulations

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Legislative Branch

Library of Congress: Thomas
• Library of Congress's Web resource for legislative information

Library of Congress's Legislative Branch Information Page
• includes links to Web resources about the Legislative Branch, including the history of Congress, visitor information, information about members and pending legislation

GPO Access
• GPO's free Web site with official government information products from all three branches of government

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Library Science: Professional Associations

American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)
• professional organization committed to the promotion and enhancement of the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities, to foster the profession of law librarianship, and to provide leadership in the field of legal information
• has special interest sections with subject specific focus which meet regularly
• holds annual meeting and sponsors educational institutes

American Library Association (ALA)
• professional membership association of librarians committed to diversity, continuous learning, equal access, intellectual freedom, 21st century literacy
• has local and state chapters and subject specific divisions which meet regularly
• holds annual and mid-winter conference
• offers publications

American Society of Information Sciences (ASIS)
• membership organization of information professionals, including librarians, engineers, linguists, computer scientists and educators committed to finding new and better techniques and technologies to access information
• has local and state chapters and subject specific divisions which meet regularly
• holds annual and mid-winter conference
• offers publications

Medical Library Association (MLA)
• professional organization dedicated to excellence in the professional achievement and management of health science libraries and committed to health science research, education, and patient care
• has local and state chapters and subject specific divisions which meet regularly
• has an annual meeting

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
• professional membership association of librarians committed to continuous learning, empowering librarians to become information leaders and to use technology to enhance libraries, their jobs, and society
• has local and state chapters and subject specific divisions which meet regularly
• holds annual and mid-winter conference each year
• offers publications

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Library Science: Professional Reading

American Libraries (ISSN: 0002-9769)
Chicago, IL: American Library Association.
• the magazine of the American Library Association
[email protected]

Computers in Libraries (ISSN: 1041-7915)
Medford, NJ: Information Today
• covers the current issues in the field of library information technology
• focus is on the practical usage of computers on libraries

Federal Librarian (ISSN: 0273-1061)
Federal Librarians Round Table (FLRT), American Library Association
• the newsletter of FLRT to promote Federal librarianship and related information issues.
• subscription to: Laurie Stackpole, 11 Battersea Lane, Ft. Washington, MD 20744
[email protected]

FLICC Newsletter (ISSN: 0882-908X)
Washington, DC: Federal Library & Information Center Committee
• covers events and issues pertinent to federal librarianship
[email protected]

Library Journal (ISSN: 0363-0277)
New York, NY: Cahners Business Information
• magazine for librarians working in all types of libraries
[email protected]

Online Libraries & Microcomputers (0737-7770)
Phoenix, AZ: Information Intelligence, Inc.
• newsletter about online library applications and library automation
[email protected]

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Management of Federally Sponsored Libraries: Case Studies and Analysis by Charles Missar. New York: Haworth Press, 1995.
• a collection of papers on the management of federal libraries

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Medical Resources: Online

• National Library of Medicine's search service to 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE and other free, online databases

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Military Resources: Online

Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals
• free database offered to general public
• index to thousands of citations to articles, editorials and news items appearing in over 80 military and aeronautical periodicals

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Military Resources: Print

How to Get It: A Guide to Defense-Related Information Resources. Fort Belvoir, VA: Defense Technical Information Center, 1998.

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Military Resources: Print: Deciphering Acronyms

Abbreviations: U.S. Air Force Dictionary Rev. 3, 1990-91
Abbreviations: U.S. Army Dictionary Rev. 3, 1990-91
Abbreviations: U.S. Navy Dictionary Rev. 3, 1990-91
Glossary: Defense Acquisitions Acronyms and Terms, 1995
Words and Terms: U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force Dictionary Rev. 3, 1990-1991

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Regulations, Laws, Legislation: Online:

Budget of the United States of America

Circular A-76: Performance of Commercial Activities

National Performance Review: Benchmarking Study Report. June 1997

Title 44: Public Printing and Documents

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