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FROM: Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director, FLICC


A FEDLINK membership includes a variety of benefits—from cost and time savings to account management and superior customer service. Agency and contracting officials often ask our members for basic information on the FEDLINK program and a quick reference to our services and benefits. To meet that need, the FEDLINK Advisory Council has developed "Get the Most Value for Your Agency's Information Service Dollar—Ten Reasons to Use FEDLINK."

This two-page fact sheet presents the basic benefits and services available through FEDLINK in an easy-to-read format designed for those new to the program. The fact sheet outlines how FEDLINK assists members in acquiring goods and services, managing their accounts, and meeting federal regulations, all while saving time and money.

Feel free to copy and distribute this fact sheet to any officials or colleagues in your agency who have questions or wish to learn more about FEDLINK. Use the whole fact sheet or reproduce only those sections that best outline how FEDLINK works for you. To view and print "Get the Most Value for Your Agency's Information Service Dollar—Ten Reasons to Use FEDLINK," Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. To print the file through the reader, be sure to select "print as image" in the print screen.

The FEDLINK Advisory Council (FAC) consists of nine members (elected by FEDLINK members) who:

  • provide advice, oversight, and assistance with FEDLINK operations;
  • apprise the membership of issues related to FEDLINK services, policies, or objectives;
  • provide oversight, direction and assistance to FEDLINK OCLC Users Council Delegates concerning voting, issues, and like matters;
  • prepare the projected annual budget for approval; and
  • identify new FEDLINK services, programs, objectives, and plans.

If you have any questions about the attached document, please contact FAC members via email (see the list of members and their email addresses at http://lcweb.loc.gov/flicc/flc-facl.html). If you have questions about your membership benefits or accounts, please call the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline at (202) 707-4900.

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