FEDLINK Network Operations

Information Alert 97-12


FROM: Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director, FLICC

SUBJECT: Timely OCLC Registration Required for FY98

Members are reminded to register and return signed IAGs in a timely fashion for FY98 services. Access to OCLC services will be blocked earlier than in the past for those who do not register and return signed IAGs. Registration should be completed as soon as possible once the forms are made available in August. Those who have not registered by the end of October will receive reminders from FEDLINK Network Operations in early November, and OCLC access will be blocked if members do not return their registrations by that time. Assuming funds are authorized by Congress in a timely manner, signed IAGs will need to be returned within the allowed 30 days.

For questions about access to OCLC and related issues, call the FNO OCLC team at (202) 707-4848. If you have questions about these deadlines or your account, please call the FEDLINK Hotline at (202)707-4900.

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